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There’s a restaurant review from the late London critic AA Gill that is one of our favorite things ever written about food. Gill sets up his criticism of a local vegetarian restaurant by dedicating a few hundred words to the idea that pandas are bullshit because they are the only mammal that chooses to be vegetarian, even though they have all the necessary facilities to eat meat (incisors, carnivore’s metabolism, bear DNA). He then parlays that into his argument that eating only vegetables in a restaurant is also bullshit.
This is not necessarily a view we share, as you can probably tell by the rating sitting at the top of this review. abcV is Jean-Georges’ third restaurant inside of the ABC Carpet & Home furniture store. It’s entirely meat free, and we think it’s the best of the three.
But our recent meals at abcV keep bringing that AA Gill review to mind. Not just because this is a vegetarian restaurant, but because the success of this restaurant and so many others like it has made it abundantly clear that we, advanced human beings, are basically becoming pandas.


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