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Brunch is a dining experience that has changed quite a bit over the years, from its origins to how it’s even been influenced by certain people in pop culture. How did brunch get its start?

The term brunch is said to have originated in England with British writer Guy Beringer who coined the term in 1895. The word itself comes from the portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, and the idea is almost the same as it is today. Brunch is comforting, cheerful and inviting. A hearty breakfast is always welcome, no matter what time of day it is.

In the 1930s, Hollywood stars often stopped off in Chicago for a late-morning brunch during transcontinental train trips to savour the dining experience. This would usually be an American dinner or Drive-Ins. Both diners and drive-ins are popular with locals who want some hometown nostalgia with their meal. When you do sit down to enjoy your food at an American diner or drive-in, remember that it’s all about conversation; you’ll rarely see big groups of people sitting in silence while they eat. What do diners, drive-ins, and brunch all have in common? Well, they’re all quintessential aspects of American culture!

Around the world, dining out culture has been influenced by the entertainment industry. In the United States artists like Bruce Springsteen have paved the way for American music culture.’Born In The USA,’ Springsteen’s most loved track, is synonymous with American dining culture. Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics reference universal experiences in America. His rock and roll songs would be cranked on from a jukebox in an American all-night diner. Other famed singers also heavily impacted this new era of entertaining pop culture; Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are prime examples. These three women embody what it means to be an American artist living in these digital times where popular music is streamed via the radio or played over speakers at various eateries all around town; uniting everyone through their widely recognised lyrics. Drive-in diners and burger joints are just as much a part of our culture as Hollywood. They’re famous for their unique decor and thematic atmosphere — creating a cultural experience all its own.

Modern-day dining culture has evolved from a casual experience with brunch being served on the weekends, typically a Saturday brunch, to an all-day affair that transcends time zones and is served late into the night in some spots. According to The Washington Post, brunch is not just an American pastime, but also an American culinary tradition, built from numerous cultures’ influences. No matter if diners opt for a traditional American brunch or a Mexican or Italian brunch, the experience is all about experimenting with flavours and cuisines.

Though much of brunch’s appeal today lies in its boozy offerings becoming a typical drinking occasion for most. The brunch scene is booming in cities like New York City and Los Angeles where people can spend hours at brunch enjoying bottomless drinks. There are now plenty of restaurants that offer bottomless brunches where you can keep ordering your favourite dishes without worrying about how much you’re spending. Generally, you pay a standard per-person fee for cocktails, liquor, and unlimited food (which can vary by restaurant). At a brunch, the options are endless: Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Sangria, Champagne, Margaritas, and Prosecco are all bottomless drinks of choice. It’s not just about alcohol either; some restaurants even offer unlimited cocktails alongside eggs, Benedict!

With so much choice comes location. Due to the expansion of brunch culture, diners have an abundance of dining options at their fingertips. Rooftop venues are especially popular for brunch parties because they offer a new experience while also keeping it casual. There is something universally nice about a rooftop that allows you to overlook the cityscape while enjoying coffee, food or drinks. You can find an array of rooftop brunch spots across America, many of which have bottomless drinks and endless choices of food. Certain venues have heaters and enclosed terraces so you can brunch in any kind of weather.

The rise of brunch led to the bottomless brunch craze with Disco, Drag, and Party brunches taking over. The best part about themed brunches is that they’re always fresh. Restaurants keep cranking out new ones (like a drag brunch, disco brunch, or party brunch) to shake things up for their guests. Because of that variation in theme, it’s nearly impossible to get bored with bottomless brunches. Many people in DC attend multiple themed brunches every month. The most popular types of themed brunches are party brunches (DJs!), drag-themed events (drag queens!), and nights out at restaurants — including those with late hours or bars attached — because they all make it easier to enjoy a night out without having to go anywhere else!

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