All Time


Los Feliz


Get directions | 2040 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, California 90027


Hours | New hours:
8a-230p / 5-10p daily


We’ve officially reached the age of the LA mega-restaurant. Massive spots are taking over entire blocks of downtown, and famous chefs from other cities have finally realized we have the best produce in the country and want to know what serving a fresh eggplant in January feels like. The more they bring their restaurants in, the more LA seems like it’s on the fast-track to becoming a version of the Vegas strip – a spread-out museum of the best restaurants from everywhere else.
Take a deep inhale and unclench your crystals. Because as long as places like All Time keep opening, we have nothing to worry about. This Los Feliz cafe feels like a completely new, and completely original, version of LA dining.
Located on Hillhurst a few blocks south of Griffith Park, All Time looks like it’s just a coffee shop when you walk in. That’s because it is a coffee shop. Come any day before 3pm and you’ll find people hanging out in the mostly-outdoor space, getting work done on laptops and eating pastries and egg dishes they ordered from the counter inside.
But we aren’t dropping an 8.9 on a place because they have a nice patio and a good breakfast burrito. All Time’s rating is earned because of their full-service dinner that transforms the place from a neighborhood cafe to a restaurant you drive across the city to experience.


(323) 660-3868