Best Bottomless Mimosa Brunches In The US

Mimosas are the perfect bottomless brunch drink. The drink was invented in Paris in the 1930s, and it quickly gained popularity, especially among Americans who flocked to Paris for the city’s chic cafes. This brunch favourite blends orange juice and champagne in equal parts, making it a bubbly (and easy-to-drink) take on a traditional juice cocktail. 

When you need a little extra boost to make it through your morning, the Mimosas are a crowd favourite and hard to beat in a bottomless brunch. In addition to being delicious and refreshing, Mimosas are also a great alternative for those looking for some variety away from the usual Bloody Mary; their sweet flavour can satisfy the taste buds of those who want something less spicy than a vodka-based drink. It’s also one of the more forgiving drinks at brunch—no matter how hungover you feel, the bubbly fizz gives you that comforting feeling of a freshly poured glass of juice.

Mimosas come in so many varieties that you can make this morning beverage as fancy or as casual as you like depending on what else is on your menu. It makes Mimosas a great option for afternoon drinks as well, making it a great drink for all types of bottomless brunch-goers.

Looking for the best Bottomless Mimosa Brunch spots in the US? We’ve got you covered.