Cento Pasta Bar


Downtown LA


Get directions | 128 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014


Hours | Wednesday – Sunday. 5pm – 10pm.


Like working out and flossing, eating a good weekday lunch makes you feel like you’re on top of things. Instead, you end up eating the same salad three times a week, or whatever the rest of the office is having (even if you hate poke bowls), or you get so swamped with work you forget about it altogether. Most of the time, you’re just trying to get food into your body right this second.
But if there’s a lunch worth taking time out of your day for, it’s Cento Pasta Bar.
Cento takes over Mignon, a tiny wine bar at 6th and Los Angeles in DTLA, Wednesday through Saturday, from 11am until 3pm. The setup involves a single chef manning a couple of hot plates behind the bar (sometimes with a server on busy Saturdays), who’ll just tell you what they have available to eat today. He’ll also tell you (and the handful of other customers taking a longer than is probably acceptable lunch break) about his golf game on the weekend, ask about your job, and exclaim multiple times that he’s living the dream. It’s the kind of place you could hang out in for hours, whether solo or with a friend, drinking wine, shooting the sh*t, eating a lot of incredible pasta, and completely forgetting about your 2pm meetings.


213 489 0131