Brooklyn / Brooklyn Heights / Cobble Hill


Get directions | 127 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11201


Hours | Sunday 11am-12am, Monday 5:30pm-12am, Tuesday 5:30pm-12am, Wednesday 5:30pm-12am, Thursday 5:30pm-12am, Friday 5:30pm-, Saturday 11am-


Colonie is a restaurant on Atlantic Avenue, on the north side of the street…so it still counts as Brooklyn Heights. That’s an important technicality, considering the restaurant is publicly declaring itself the beginning of a new restaurant era for the neighborhood.
See, before Colonie, Brooklyn Heights did not have its own Frankies 457, or Marlow and Sons, or Prime Meats. There wasn’t really a good date spot or brunch spot destination unless you walked nearly six blocks into Cobble Hill. And for Brooklyn, that just seems ridiculous.
So Colonie opened its doors, earned itself one star from the Times, and is now consistently packed for dinner every night. Much like those other staple Brooklyn neighborhood spots, it can be tough to get a table, and it’s not a cheap meal. But also like those other spots, Colonie is really f*cking good. We love both dinner and brunch here, from the drinks all the way to the dessert. The restaurant is comfortable and interesting, the staff is cool, and we love sitting at the open kitchen counter, downing lambrusco and watching our food come to life. The key seems to be in smart ordering, so ask your waiter for some guidance, or use the Food Rundown within. We happened to sit directly in front of the chef on our last visit, and he wasn’t afraid to tell us what we should and shouldn’t order. Had we not had the inside info, we might have skipped that half chicken or the gnudi. Luckily, we didn’t. Neither should you.





MUSHROOM PATÉ summer truffles, chervil, nasturtium leaf $12
SPICY ANCHOVY calabrian chilies, cultured butter, parsley, lemon $13
SHAVED CELERY SALAD toasted pistachios, parmigiano, dates $17
MARKET LETTUCES button mushrooms, red quinoa, dill, basil, sherry vinaigrette $16
WILTED CHICORIES dried fava bean purée, pepperoncini, parmigiano $16
ROASTED CARROTS smoked ricotta, salsa verde, watermelon radish $17
CAULIFLOWER calabrian chile butter, garlic, capers, breadcrumbs $18
SALT-ROASTED SWEET POTATOES ‘nduja sausage, mascarpone, toasted sesame, dill $17
STEELHEAD TROUT CRUDO yuzu, grapefruit, fennel, puffed rice $18
PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA sourdough, basil, virgin olive oil $17
SPICE CRUSTED LAMB RIBS honey glaze, labneh, chermoula, lemon $19
SPAGHETTI toasted pine nuts, lemon, parmigiano $24
FAZZOLETTI blue crab, burrata, green chilies, nasturtium $27
STROZZAPRETI squid ink, rock shrimp, nduja, tomato passata, spring onion $26
GARGANELLI lamb sausage, tomato pasatta, pecorino, lemon thyme $27
SEA SCALLOPS celery root purée, seaweed, toasted hazelnuts, porcini $30
BONE-IN HERITAGE PORK CHOP chorizo, pearl onion, asian pear, mustard seed caviar $32
LONG ISLAND DUCK BREAST parsnip purée, dandelion greens, red wine jus $32
STICKY DATE CAKE salted crème fraîche gelato, toffee sauce $14
BOMBOLONI whipped ricotta, fennel pollen, lemon $12
DARK CHOCOLATE BUDINO whipped cream, cocoa powder $13

SPICY ANCHOVY CROSTINI calabrian chilies, parsley, lemon $13
MUSHROOM PATÉ CROSTINO shaved black truffle, chervil, nasturtium leaf $12
MARKET LETTUCES moscatel vinaigrette, soft herbs, puffed farro $13
SHAVED CELERY SALAD toasted pistachio, parmigiano, dates $17
ROASTED CARROTS smoked ricotta, salsa verde, radish, capers $17
SALT ROASTED SWEET POTATOES ‘nduja sausage, mascarpone, toasted sesame, dill $17
PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA burrata, olio verde, basil $17
CACIO E PEPE SCRAMBLE mascarpone, parmigiano, black pepper, toasted filone, lettuces $18
EGGS AND GRAINS kabocha squash purée, red onion jam, farro, poached eggs, pecorino $17
TURKISH EGGS poached eggs, brown butter, yogurt, dried chilies, dill $18
EGGS IN PURGATORY tomato pomodoro, calabrian chilies, marjoram, pecorino, breadcrumbs $17
FRENCH TOAST whipped mascarpone, strawberry-lemon preserve, catskills provisions honey $18
BUCATINI swiss chard, lemon, garlic, breadcrumbs, pecorino $23
STROZZAPRETI cured pork, onion, black pepper, pecorino $26
STICKY DATE CAKE toffee sauce, salted crème fraîche gelato $14
BOMBOLONI whipped ricotta, fennel pollen, lemon $12
DARK CHOCOLATE BUDINO whipped cream, cocoa powder $13