American / Seafood



Get directions | 788 S La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036


Hours | Hours 3pm — 10pm
Tue – Sat


If you’ve braved the subway construction around La Brea and Wilshire recently, you might have noticed a place called Commerson. But with its generic black-and-white storefront and objectively boring logo, you’d have no reason to know what it is. A chain coffee shop? A dentist’s office? Your aunt’s favorite scarf boutique from Scottsdale? Nope. Commerson is a seafood restaurant that’s one of the most underrated places to eat around Mid-Wilshire.
Located at the bottom of a giant mixed-user, Commerson was going to feel suburban whether they wanted it to or not. But given the details of the space, it seems like they’re leaning into that feeling – light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, flat-screens behind the bar if you want to catch the game, and parking validation for up to two hours. The very modern space is certainly nice enough, and we’ll take a validated parking ticket when we can get it, but there’s nothing about this place that truly makes you want to sit down and eat. That is, until the food starts arriving.


(323) 813-3000