Lower East Side


Get directions | 49 Canal St., New York, NY 10002


Hours | SUNDAY 9-4

MON-SAT 9-10


We discovered Dimes a few years ago, right about the time we and everyone else discovered that there was more city below Canal on the Lower East Side and not just an infinity edge into the East River.
In its original incarnation on Division Street, Dimes was a small cafe full of dudes with man buns and probably also trust funds eating acai bowls. We liked it for its quirkiness and quality food and frequented it fairly often.
Then, as timing would have it, both healthy food and man buns became the hottest trends since techno became ‘EDM,’ and Dimes had to move up the block to a larger space to meet demand. That’s when things got weird.
The food at Canal Street Dimes is the same as it was on Division Street, but nowadays, the vibe is different. Around this new location has coalesced a group of people whom we now refer to exclusively as the ‘Dimes Community.’ These people frequent Dimes and other cool places around the Lower East Side and Chinatown, like the yoga place down the street from Dimes that also probably serves acai bowls, that coffee shop inside the skateboard shop, and Nicaragua. You are not one of them.
And that’s just the problem. Every time we’ve walked into Dimes over the last year or so, we’ve gotten the same look from the staff as you might if you picked a random house on the street and walked into the kitchen during dinner. ‘Who are you? We don’t know you. Why are you here? Are you a friend of Amanda’s?’
It’s a place that’s often uncomfortable due to the cold service that comes with your cold acai bowl, and as a result, we’ve crossed Dimes off of our list of frequently visited restaurants. The food is still very good, should you find yourself curious to try it. But whatever you do, don’t let on that you’re not a part of the community. Tell them you know Amanda.