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You know that feeling when you lose something dumb? You’re trying to leave your apartment, you’re running late, and you can’t find your keys. You’ve looked in all the spots they should be, you’ve looked in all the spots they shouldn’t be, and you have no idea how you could lose anything in an apartment that only takes you five seconds to cross. Then, after 25 minutes of confusion and expletives, you find them. They were sitting on the counter under a balled-up paper towel that you keep reusing because you finished the roll two days ago. You’d definitely already checked there twice. They just appeared out of nowhere.
Which is exactly how we feel about El Almacen. It’s the kind of satisfying, affordable, quality restaurant we’re always looking for and rarely find. And it’s been right under (or on top of) the balled-up grossness that is the Bedford L stop this entire time. Well, since 2009 to be exact. Back when the Bedford L stop was edgy, this place seems to have been pretty cool. Or at least cool enough that Madonna ate there once.
Fast-forward to present day and Madonna is definitely not eating El Almacen. But we are, and we’re bringing our friends. Because in this particular deadzone of Williamsburg, this casual Argentinian place actually feels exciting. Not because it’s super trendy, but because there are avocado fries, there’s a giant $24 steak, and there’s zero pretension.


(718) 218-7284