Get directions | 47 E. Houston St., New York, NY 10012


Hours | Sunday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-12am, Monday 5:30pm-12am, Tuesday 5:30pm-12am, Wednesday 5:30pm-12am, Thursday 5:30pm-12am, Friday 5:30pm-, Saturday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-


When Estela opened in 2013, people that get excited about restaurants got really excited. It quickly became one of the hippest places in the country to eat small quantities of food, and everyone wanted in – even Obama. The President’s visit definitely did more for his reputation than for Estela’s. By that time, Estela didn’t even need the help.
And while we liked Estela a lot when we first reviewed it, we just couldn’t fully back it. The small plates were great, but it was too uncomfortable (with its small tables, high volume, and general claustrophobia vibes) to be a useful restaurant for most situations.
But enough about history. Let’s live in the present. And presently, we have no more tolerance for uncomfortable dining situations than we did three years ago. In fact, we now have even less patience for having to dramatically over-enunciate so our friends can hear us, or sitting on a chair that’s only big enough for one butt cheek. Which is why we feel the need to tell you that Estela is now fully worthy of your time. The crowds (and the discomfort that comes with them) have eased up just slightly, and the best aspects of the food have gotten even better. Estela has evolved into a classic restaurant we’ll tell our friends to go to.