Five Leaves


Brooklyn / Greenpoint


Get directions | 18 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222


Hours | Sunday 8am-, Monday 8am-, Tuesday 8am-, Wednesday 8am-, Thursday 8am-, Friday 8am-, Saturday 8am-


We’re getting older, and so is the idea that Brooklyn is the epicenter of New
York cool. Sorry, Williamsburg, you gave that up when you got a 16 Handles.
But Five Leaves has been a hipster hangout since the moment it opened in 2008,
and it remains so, even despite the fact that there are now endless nearby
options for people who want to look good at a dinner table and also maybe eat
The initial Infatuation review of Five Leaves came very late in the game – at
least according to current internet judgment protocol. Our first visits came
in late 2011, and by the time we’d had a few meals here, we had firmly decided
that it wasn’t deserving of all the hype. It was too uncomfortable, too
inconsistent, and too full of people that spent a good part of their morning
rolling up the sleeves on their t-shirt.
Fast forward to present day, and we’ve been back to Five Leaves a few more
times, just to see what’s shaking. We still don’t love the food as much as
some people seem to, and it can still be very cramped and crowded. But we will
say that the consistency has improved – a lot. Brunch is and always has been
the best time of day to eat here, but dinner can be a good move too, assuming
you know what to order and most importantly – that you can be patient with the
scene around you. Then again, I’m writing this from the perspective of someone
who is more interested in the eating that goes at Five Points than in the
hanging out that goes on at Five Points. If you’re 23, just got a job at Conde
Nast, and have yet to taste a truffle fry, bump up this rating considerably.
You’re gonna love it here.