House of Small Wonder

Japanese / French / Sandwiches / Cafe/Bakery



Get directions | 77 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249


Hours | Sunday 10am-6pm, Monday 8am-6pm, Tuesday 8am-6pm, Wednesday 8am-6pm, Thursday 8am-6pm, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm


House of Small Wonder is an easy place to miss. It’s an unmarked space a couple blocks from the Bedford stop in Williamsburg, surrounded by restaurants full of people wearing Stan Smiths. When you realize that this place isn’t a yoga studio and walk inside, you’ll find a cafe serving French and Japanese breakfast and lunch items like a croque madame and rotating sashimi bowls. There won’t be groups of people photographing their bacon Bloody Marys here, but you may feel the need to take a picture of the huge tree growing up through the floor in the middle of the space.


(718) 383-2703


Sandwich 5.50
(Homemade Gluten-Free Bread available for $1 extra)

– Organic Egg Scramble
– Fig Brie Apple
– Avocado Goat Cheese
– Salumi Arugula
– Ham Cheese
– Tomato Cheese

Sandwich Plate
Salad of your choice*, homemade corn soup
– One sandwich 12.50
– Two sandwiches 15

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Plate 14
All natural free-range chicken, baby arugula, tomato, cheese on brioche
with salad of your choice*

*Please choose either Mediterranean Salad or Mixed Green Salad

All Day Brunch
Homemade Granola Fruit with Yogurt 8.50

Croissant French Toast 13
Two croissants as French toast, fruits salad, maple syrup, and whipped cream

Two Eggs w/Potato Gratin 13
with salad of your choice* (scrambled or sunny-side up)

*Toast on the side is available for $1.50, GF $2.

Croque Madame 15
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with béchamel sauce and organic scrambled egg on top with salad of your choice*

*Please choose either Mediterranean Salad or Mixed Green Salad

Japanese Meal
Okinawan Taco Rice 14.50
Ground all natural pork, chopped vegetables, cheese and fried organic egg over rice

Tsukune Don 14.50
Japanese Chicken Meatball with teriyaki sauce and soft egg over rice. Served with miso soup.

Japanese Hamburg Steak 16
Organic ground beef patty simmered in mushroom demi-glace sauce with cheese on top. Served with rice and mixed green salad

Sashimi Zuke Don 18
(*Limited availability)
Soy sauce marinated sashimi of the day over sushi rice. Served with miso soup

Sake Teishoku 19
Grilled Scottish salmon with sea salt, rice, edamame, hijiki, chili paste. Served with miso soup

Japanese Vegetable Curry 16
Seasonal vegetables cooked in original curry sauce. Served with rice and green salad.

Vegan Veggie Chirashi 15
Radish, cucumber, carrot, edamame, scallion, sweet mushroom, nori, micro sprouts, avocado, and sesame seeds over rice with homemade vinaigrette ginger sauce.

Miso soup for $2 (optional)

Market Fruit Salad 4

Mixed Green Salad 5

Mediterranean Salad 5

Hijiki 4.50

Miso Soup 3/5

Homemade Corn Soup 3/5

Potato Gratin 6

Scrambled Egg 2.50

Sunny side up 2.50

Edamame 5

Small Treats
Plain Croissant 3

Chocolate Croissant 3.50

Banana Nutella Croissant 4.50

Almond cloud cookie 2

Almond Caramel Florentine 3

Banana Cake 4

Matcha Roulade 5

Earl Grey Crème Brûlée 7