You’re about to visit your favourite new brunch spot, and you’re feeling excited about all the yummy choices ahead of you… but you’re also feeling uncertain about the cost and some of the menu options. You could even ponder if you should have an appetiser or dessert, or if one of the beverages on the menu is good enough to split with your pals.

We love brunch just as much as you do, and we get questions about it all the time! So this page is dedicated to explaining what you can expect about the pricing and the type of food each restaurant offers and so on. We’ll try to add new content whenever we can, so let us know if there’s anything else you want to know!


Prices at brunch spots vary greatly. While some restaurants offer discounts with certain types of purchases, such as happy hour deals or free treats with a set meal. With bottomless brunch, you may have to search online for more pricing information.

You can expect the following price range when you see these dollar signs on a restaurant’s menu:

$ ($0-$20pp)

$$ ($20-40pp)

$$$ ($40+pp)


What’s your favourite type of brunch food? There are so many choices! If you want to eat something classic, it’s hard to beat Italian or Mexican cuisine. If you’re up for something more modern, then why not try a sushi or fusion Asian cuisine restaurant. Either way, they’re all delicious options to consider if brunching is your thing. Regardless of what type of dining experience you are going for Brunch In The USA has found something for everyone!

More Questions?

Contacting a restaurant before you go out is a really good idea. You’ll be able to get an idea of what’s on offer that day and what your options are. Or you could just call up beforehand and ask them for their brunch menu or extra information about their brunch food options. 

Contact our team if you have any questions about brunching in the USA!