J.G. Melon

Bar Food / Burgers

Upper East Side


Get directions | 1291 3rd Ave., New York, NY 10021


Hours | Sunday 11:30am-12am, Monday 11:30am-, Tuesday 11:30am-, Wednesday 11:30am-, Thursday 11:30am-, Friday 11:30am-, Saturday 11:30am-


There was a time when this was the only restaurant anywhere near the Upper East side that we would make a trip for. J.G. Melon’s is one of the better burgers in New York City, and it had it’s 30th anniversary long before Shake Shack and Five Guys started opening up locations around town like Duane Reade. Nowadays there are a few more culinary bright spots in the area, but it seemed necessary that we give J.G. Melon’s it’s due respect.
If you haven’t been, there are a few things you should know: it will inevitably be crowded, you need to drink beers by the bottle (not from the tap), and the service will not be friendly. But before you go running to Yelp to tell all your “friends” about how mean they were to you, consider this -it’s a New York institution that’s been serving burgers since TGI Friday’s was nothing more than a swinging singles bar down the street. Respect your elders and eat.