Mexican / Vegetarian

Lower East Side


Get directions | 162 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002


Hours | Sun-Thurs 11:00am–11:00pm
Fri-Sat 11:00am–12:00am


Some things in life are tough to figure out. True love, for example. Does it exist? Or is it just when you like someone’s face and they aren’t mean to you? Obviously we’ll never know the answer to this question – but at least Jajaja is easy. Should you eat here? If you’re a vegan, the answer is yes.
Jajaja is a vegan Mexican restaurant on the part of the Lower East Side where you’ll find Dimes, Scarr’s, Kiki’s, and all the people who hang out at such places. The menu has things like a fake chorizo burrito, a ‘sausage’ egg and cheese torta, and five different kinds of vegan tacos. And everything’s pretty decent. Sure, maybe the tortillas here could use a little work (and the food sometimes arrives at room temperature) – but the dishes don’t taste aggressively vegan, and your meat-eating friends will probably be just fine with this place.


(646) 883-5453



Manzanilla y Whiskey – served Hot or Cold
Chamomile-infused Rye, apple cider, mint, lemon

Ponche de Jamaica – served Hot or Cold
Mezcal, Reposado, ancho chile, hibiscus, cinnamon, clove, orange
Café de Olla
Charanda Urupan Rum, espresso, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla
Matcha y Coconut
Cazadores Reposado, coco lopez, lemon M
Pineapple y Mezcal
WINE 10 / 37
Peloton Mezcal, cilantro, jalapeño, pineapple, lime M
Cava, Chic, ES
Grapefruit y Tequila
Espresso 3.5
Rose Cava, Chic, ES
Rose, Alfa Tauri, IT
Sauv Blanc, Monte Xanic, MX
Misión Blanco, MX
Cab Sauv, Monte Xanic, MX
Misión Tinto, MX
Cazadores Reposado, Fiero, agave, lime M
Cafe con Latte 4
Americano 4
Frozen Agave Margarita
Hot Tea Selection 4
Try a Sangria Swirl…tastes like spring break
Almond Horchata 6
Oaxacan Old Fashioned 16
Hibiscus Iced Tea 4
Cazadores Reposado, mezcal, agave, chocolate bitters
Lemonade 4
Arnold Palmer 5
spiced rum, coconut cream, cinnamon
Pineapple Juice 5
Coconut Water 5
Sangria Spritz 14
Modelo Especial
Negra Modelo
Dogfish, Seaquench Ale
21st Amendment, El Sully
Topo Chico 4
M Can be made as a mocktail 8
Mexican Coke 4
Jarritos Flavors 4
Nachos 15 +3 guac
our chorizo, fermented black beans, turmeric queso fundido, sour cream
Beet & Pumpkin Empanada 10
kabocha squash, swiss chard, guacamole, chimichurri
add avo or guac +2 / add extra taco +4
Sikil Pak 9 GF
Palm Carnitas
blueberry & flax seed tortilla, hearts of palm, jackfruit, orange, salsa verde
crushed Mayan pumpkin seed, habanero, plum tomato, sliced plantains

Mezcal Mushroom GF
Hijiki-Hearts of Palm Ceviche 12 GF
jalapeño, hijiki seaweed, red pepper, cilantro, cherry tomato, avocado
beet & paprika tortilla, red pepper, pico de gallo, sour cream

Jackfruit Tamale 9 GF
Our Chorizo
turmeric tortilla, radish, micro cilantro, red pepper, sour cream
zucchini, salsa verde, onion, cashew crema

Barbacoa GF
Chips y Queso Dip 12 +2 chorizo GF
yuba, adobo, guajillo & ancho chili, coconut feta cream, serrano
melted coconut queso, diced tomatoes, poblano peppers

Chipotle Sweet Potato GF
Sopa del Día 9 GF
turmeric tortilla, fermented beans, serrano, scallion, pickled red pepper
Chef ’s seasonal soup, cooked to perfection

Crispy Pescado GF
Guacamole y Chips 10 GF
hemp & flax battered chayote squash, chipotle almond butter, red onion

Paleo Caveman GF
coconut & arrowroot tortilla, mushrooms, peppers, tahini maple cream
Gorditas 14 GF
Buffalo Flower GF
two stuffed tortillas, beans, serrano, shiitake bacon, sour cream
tempura’d cauliflower, flax seed, shredded carrot, queso azul
add chorizo, sweet potato or carnitas +3
Enchiladas Mole 15
Spicy Birria GF
shredded palm carnitas, coconut queso, guajillo, sour cream, Spanish rice
banana blossoms, avocado, salsa botanera, cilantro
Chile Relleno 14
poblano pepper, queso, olive, mushroom, cinnamon, tomato & jalapeño broth
Chorizo Burrito 15
add chorizo, sweet potato or carnitas +4
Spanish rice, fermented beans, guac, smothered with salsa & sour cream

Turmeric Cauliflower Rice 16 GF
Búfalo Pollo Burrito 15
Coconut rice, Daring chicken, lettuce, fermented beans, guac, ranch
cumin spiced black beans, cilantro & scallion herb chermoula,
grilled vegetable, sour cream

Coconut Queso Quesadilla 14 +3 guac
Taco Tazón 16
spinach & basil pesto, serrano, king mushroom, pico de gallo, sour cream
chorizo, romaine, coconut queso, avocado, grape tomatoes,
black bean salsa, sour cream, agave-lime dressing
Verde Enchiladas 15
green tomato, serrano, palm carnitas, coconut queso, Spanish rice
Dinosaur Kale 16 GF
mango, avocado, red quinoa, smoked coconut shards,
scallion, jalapeño chia-cilantro dressing
Rainbow Chard 16 GF
Kale Pancakes 14
white bean & hemp seed cotija, tofu feta, fresh corn, cherry
tomatoes, lotus chips, avocado-caesar dressing
triple stack, coconut mango jam, shaved coconut
Brunch Tacos 9
“eggs,” chorizo, fermented beans,
turmeric queso fundido, jalapeño, onion
Plátano Cream Pie 12 GF
Velvet Rojo Pie 12 GF
raw cashews, vanilla, coconut, agave

Breaky Burrito 14
cashews, pecans, cacao, raspberries
“eggs”, mushrooms, guacamole, coconut queso, beans, chipotle aioli
Coconut Leche Pie 12 GF
Churritos 9
cashews, almonds, vanilla, dates
Chilaquiles Rojo / Verde 14 GF
coconut dulce de leche
corn tortillas in choice of spicy red or green sauce with “eggs”
Choco Chip Cookies 4 GF
Mexican Wedding Cookies 4
add +3 chorizo / +2 avocado

Mexican street corn 7 / salsa trio 8 / queso dip 4
Borroso Espadin Santa Catarina 16
Leyenda San Luis Potosi 16
fermented black beans 6 / Spanish rice 6 / half avocado 4
Borroso Espadin Santiago Matalan 15
Leyenda Puebla 17
Bozal Espadin 16
Leyenda Durango 18
Bozal Tobasiche 17
Leyenda Oaxaca 16
Bruxo 1 Espadin Joven 16
Los Amantes Joven 14
Bruxo 2 Espadin Barril Pechuga 17
Los Amantes Anejo 17
Angelisco Blanco 14
Corralejo Anejo 17
Bruxo 3 Barril 17
Los Siete Misterios 16
Angelisco Reposado 16
El Tesoro Paradiso Extra Anejo 35
Bruxo 4 Ensamble 18
Mezcal Vago Espadin 15
Casa Dragones Blanco 18
Hiatus Blanco 14
Casamigos Mezcal 18
Mezcal Vago Cuixe 16
Casamigos Blanco 16
Hiatus Reposado 15
Clase Azul Durango 48
Mezcal Vago Ensamble en Barro 17
Casamigos Reposado 17
Hiatus Anejo 16
Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio 19
Nuestra Soledad STGO 24
Casamigos Anejo 18
Fortaleza Blanco 15
El Buho Especial Jabali 24
Nuestra Soledad San Luis Del Rio 16
Cazadores Reposado 15
Fortaleza Reposado 16
El Buho Tepeztate 26
Peloton Pechuga 15
Cazadores Anejo 17
Fortaleza Anejo 18
El Jogorio Madrecuishe 28
Real Minero Espadin y Largo 19
Cazadores Extra Anejo 19
Tapatio Blanco 15
El Silencio Espadin 14
Rey Campero Espadin 15
Chamucos Blanco 15
Tapatio Reposado 17
Gem & Bolt 16
Rey Campero Madre Cuishe 19
Chamucos Reposado 16
Tapatio Anejo 16
Ilegal Espadin 14
Rey Campero Tepextate 19
Chamucos Anejo 17
Tapatio Excelencia Gran Anejo 40
Lagrimas de Dolores Anejo 17
Rey Campero Tobala 17
Clase Azul Plata 20
Siembre Valles Ancestral 19
Lagrimas de Dolores Castilla 16
Rey Campero Wild Jabili 18
Clase Azul Reposado 46
Viva Xxxii Joven 15
Lagrimas de Dolores Cenizo 16
Rompe Corazon Joven 14
Corralejo Blanco 15
Viva Xxxii Reposado 16
Lagrimas de Dolores Masparillo 18
Rompe Corazon Reposado 15
Corralejo Reposado 16
Viva Xxxii Extra Anejo 18
Lagrimas de Dolores Tepemete 28
Wahaka Ensamble 19
Leyenda Guerreo 18
Wahaka Tobala 18
Yuu Baal Joven 14