Mediterranean / Middle Eastern

Los Feliz


Get directions | 4648 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Hours | 5pm – 10pm Everyday


There’s a very specific feeling when some of your favorite things get together – a mixture of ‘f*ck yes!’ and ‘I’m very nervous that this is all going to go to shit.’ Like when your best friend from high school and your best friend from college become a couple. Or the time Gloria Estefan decided to do a song with NSync. Kismet is a combination of several excellent LA restaurants – the chefs from Madcapra run the kitchen, and the team from Animal, Son of a Gun, and Jon & Vinny’s help with everything else. But unlike the ramen burger, Kismet is a combination of great things that actually works.
We’re assuming that this gang of people has some proprietary secret sauce locked away in a safe somewhere, because they’ve opened yet another restaurant that all of LA wants to hang out in. The space is like a lighter, brighter Jon & Vinny’s (with somehow even more straight-from-the-sauna blonde wood), and obviously there’s an excellent soundtrack. It’s slammed from lunch through happy hour through dinner, although we’ve had some low-key breakfasts here too. You can (and should) be driving across town for the giant platter of rabbit, but Kismet already feels like a local’s spot that’s been around for years.


323 409 0404