La Bonbonniere


West Village


Get directions | 28 8th Ave., New York, NY 10014


Hours | Sunday 7am-10pm, Monday 7am-10pm, Tuesday 7am-10pm, Wednesday 7am-10pm, Thursday 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 7am-10pm


The West Village. Home of The Brunch. A meal that involves dressing up in your fanciest casual outfit and paying a minimum of $9 for a mimosa. It has its place in our society, and we are not here to knock it. Brunch has been good to us, many times over. But sometimes, we don’t want brunch. Sometimes we want breakfast at noon. There is a difference. And in the West Village, with 12 new brunch spots opening every week, breakfast places have become harder to find.
But that’s why you’re friends with us.
La Bonbonniere is a Village safe haven from all things hollandaise. The cash-only menu is filled with standard breakfast staples, without any meddling whatsoever. Eggs. Omelets. French toast. Pancakes. Muffins. Bottomless cups of pretty mediocre coffee. Like we said, breakfast, not brunch. That isn’t meant to suggest that this diner is a dump. Although, it kind of is. But the food speaks for itself and is good enough to attract crowds – weekend lines here are the norm, not the exception. Instead of giving your number to a hostess (there is none) and her calling you back when your table is ready (this place has a pay phone on the wall), BonBon has the eloquent system of making you stand in the cramped dining room while you wait your turn. Spend that time browsing the randomly hung photos and magazine clippings. Aside from a lot of Molly Shannon and Machu Picchu, we dare you to figure out the theme of Bon’s decor.
Best yet, because we are here for breakfast, and not brunch, the food is served seconds after it is ordered. And at this place, we really mean seconds. They must be working with some illegally rigged, souped-up grill because there is no way they can feed people as quickly as they do working with a regulation model. But on the flip, the waiters here don’t rush you, and nobody who works here will give you the stink eye for lingering over a check. So come hungry, eat quickly, and sit until the hungover guy waiting for your table is just too sad a sight to ignore.