LaRina Pastificio & Vino


Fort Greene


Get directions | 387 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205


Hours | Sunday 5pm-10:30pm, Monday 5pm-10:30pm, Tuesday 5pm-10:30pm, Wednesday 5pm-10:30pm, Thursday 5pm-10:30pm, Friday 5pm-11pm, Saturday 5pm-11pm


Like sharing, being patient, and not calling someone stupid to their face, compromising is an important life lesson you’re taught from a very young age. And while we’ve never been great at the first three things, compromising is something you have to learn in order to survive New York City. You want a studio with a full kitchen and great natural light that’s larger than a coffin? You better be okay with moving to Rockaway. Looking for a place to get some fresh air on a Saturday afternoon? You’re going to have to share that park bench with at least four other people, one of whom is having a philosophical conversation with an iguana on his shoulder.
And when it comes to eating out in NYC, you’re also going to have to compromise – your time, your money, and/or your personal space. But not at LaRina. At this neighborhood restaurant in Fort Greene, you don’t just get great pasta, great prices, or a great patio. You get all three of those things in the same restaurant. And the only person having crazy philosophical conversations is you, wondering why dinner can’t always be this easy.


(718) 852-0001