Le Coucou




Get directions | 138 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013


Hours | Sunday 7am-2pm | 5pm-10pm, Monday 7am-10:30am | 5pm-10pm, Tuesday 5am-11pm, Wednesday 5am-11pm, Thursday 5am-11pm, Friday 5am-11pm, Saturday 5am-11pm


Some people really enjoy fancy restaurants. The white tablecloths. The multi-course menu. The waiters with slicked back hair and difficult-to-place foreign accents.
I am not one of those people. I once hijacked a very thoughtful multi-course Valentine’s Day plan and made the case for going to Shake Shack instead. (It can be very romantic under those twinkle lights in Madison Square Park.) I usually end up dropping some piece of food on white tablecloths. I love great restaurants, but the pomp and circumstance of old-school fine dining has always made me feel like I’m a passenger on the Titanic or something.
And yet, I love Le Coucou. In many ways, Le Coucou is a fancy French restaurant – white tablecloths, candles on every table, a menu full of complicated French dishes with names you might not always recognize, dishes that come out in copper pots. But servers talk to you like a normal human, and the chef, an American who’s known for opening the excellent restaurant Spring in Paris, walks around in a black t-shirt rather than a chef’s hat. You could, in theory, wear jeans.


(212) 271-4252


Hors d’oeuvres, Entrées and Salades
Huîtres* $24
oysters, seaweed granité

Poireaux vinaigrette $18
leeks, hazelnuts

Foie gras et volaille en gelée $28
foie gras and chicken terrine, chanterelles

Thon à la portugaise $25
bigeye tuna, Madeira vinaigrette with raisins

Tartare de boeuf $89
prime filet, traditional condiments, osetra caviar

Lotte en salade au cumin $29
monkfish fried with cumin, fennel, chardonnay vinegar, mint

Homard à la parisienne $58
whole lobster, crudités, sauce cocktail

Pétoncles aux truffes en guise d’escargots $42
bay scallops with truffles, disguised like snails

Quenelle de brochet, sauce américaine $34
pike dumpling and lobster sauce

Foie gras poché au Sauternes $70
Château d’yquem, black truffle, triple consommé

Ris de veau à l’estragon $38
sweetbreads, cream, tarragon, maitake mushrooms

Les Plats
Bar noir à la sétoise $52
black sea bass, shrimp and sea creatures with olives, lemon and herbs

Homard « Bourse et la Vie » $68
Maine lobster, sauce poivre and pomme dauphine

Halibut, beurre blanc $48
fermented daikon | + caviar 60

Sole Véronique $76
dover sole filets, grapes, mushrooms

Légumes à la mode de… $42
vegetables cooked like tripe, sans tripe

Tout le lapin $58
all of the rabbit

Canette a l’Orange $110
roasted duckling, endives braised with orange (for two)

Côte de veau Vallée d’Auge $64
pennsylvania veal, calvados and apples

Filet basquaise $78
prime filet, relaxed foie gras and ham, jus tranché, tourte with chard and red pepper

Hors d’oeuvres, Starters and Salads
Consumè Alsacienne $18 double consumed, sauerkraut dumplings, gewürztraminer

Leeks vinaigrette $18 leeks, hazelnuts

Portuguese style tuna* $25
bigeye tuna, Madeira vinaigrette with grapes

Parisian lobster* $29/58
½ or whole lobster, raw vegetables, cocktail sauce

Beef tartar* $29 prime filet, traditional condiments add Osetra caviar +$60

Cuckoo Classics
Scallops with truffles as snails* $42
bay scallops with truffles, disguised like snails

Pike dumpling, American sauce $34
pike dumpling and lobster sauce

Vegetables à la mode de… $42
vegetables cooked like tripe, without tripe

“Bourse et la Vie” lobster $68
Maine lobster, pepper sauce, peppery greens and greens, peppercorns

Canette a l’orange $110
roasted duckling, endives braised with orange (for two)

The dishes
Grilled Black Sea Bass, Curry Vinaigrette $42 grilled black sea bass, endive salad, madras curry vinaigrette

“Chicken Salad” $36 gently roasted chicken breast, grilled leg, crisp greens with walnuts and raisins, warm chardonnay vinaigrette

Veal and foie gras crepinette* $34 veal and foie gras “crepinette”, potato mash

Vol-au-vent “Coucou” $44
sweetbreads and lobster, puff pastry, cream, tarragon

Filet basquaise $72 prime filet, relaxed foie gras, ham and red pepper, sliced ​​juice, french fries with lemon and espelette

Green salad $12

French fries $14