Le Diplomate


14th Street


Get directions | 1601 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20009


Hours | Sunday 10am-10pm, Monday 5pm-10pm, Tuesday 5pm-10pm, Wednesday 5pm-11pm, Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday 5pm-12am, Saturday 10am-12am


I’ve only been to Paris once. I was 17 and battled my very first hangover during the flight across the pond. Surprisingly, landing in a foreign city with a pounding headache courtesy of Bud Light is not ideal. Live and learn, I guess. The first half of the trip was a jet-lagged fog and the second half was spent wondering why the hell these people don’t speak English (note: I was a terrible person as a teenager).
But you know what I say if people ask if I like France? I tell them that I love it, because I choose to believe that the France in the real-world is exactly like Le Diplomate. I imagine if I wasn’t such a jerk when I was younger, I would have noticed that the epitome of a French restaurant was a place a lot like Le Diplomate. A loud, bustling space with excellent food, service, and wine.
Stephen Starr’s restaurants, whether in his home base of Philly or elsewhere, are usually top-notch, and his first outpost in the nation’s capital is no exception. If you get all ‘teenage-girl seeing T-Swift’ about anybody who’s been on ‘Meet the Press,’ this is the place for you. It was the spot to be seen at when it opened and has maintained that luster. Come in on a weekend and you’ll be sure to see a handful of the city’s power brokers here. That is, if you’ve ever turned on CNN (I haven’t).
Everything we’ve had here has generally ranged from delicious to f*cking delicious, so order anything with confidence. Do know that while you won’t have to sell your first-born to come in, it will take some advance planning, as reservations are usually booked a couple weeks in advance, even for brunch. If there’s a second cousin of yours you aren’t too fond of, however, explore a barter deal to get in sooner.


(202) 332-3333


Plat Du Jour
Dorade Royale en Papillote $33

Lobster Risotto $40

Cassoulet $35

Dover Sole Meunière $54

Bouillabaisse $33

Filet de Boeuf $55
parsnip, seared foie gras, sauce périgueux

Poulet Feuilleté $33
chicken veloute, truffle, puff pastry

Le Diplomate Fromages
A Selection of Cheeses $6 each

Fruits De Mer
Petit Plateau $95
serves 1-3 persons

Grand Plateau $175
serves 4-6 persons

Assorted Oysters* $20
half dozen

Belon Oysters* $20
half dozen

1/2 Chilled Lobster $23

King Crab Cocktail $39

Salmon Tartare $18

Scallop Crudo $18

Top Neck Clams* $12
half dozen

Shrimp Cocktail $22

Hors d’Oeuvres
Steak Tartare du Parc* $18
hand chopped steak, capers, quail egg

Mushroom Soup $14
cremini, maitake

Charcuterie $23.5

Tuna Carpaccio* $23
leek vinaigrette

Onion Soup Gratinée $14.5

Ricotta Ravioli $15
plum tomato, basil

Macaroni au Gratin $14.5

Gougères $11
gruyère, pate a choux, fleur de sel

Escargots à la Bourguignonne $17
garlic-parsley butter, baguette

Mushroom Tart $16
pioppini mushrooms, truffle pecorino

Foie Gras Parfait $18
wine gelée, brioche

Pâté de Campagne $14
pistachios, pickled cipollini onions, cassis mustard

Farmer’s Cheese $16
honeycomb, mint, hazelnut

Les Salades
Salade Verte $12.5
haricots verts, radishes, red wine vinaigrette

Warm Shrimp Salad $23
lemon beurre blanc, avocado

Grilled Branzino $32
tapenade, roasted peppers, gigante beans

Beef Bourguignon $36
crimini mushrooms, lardons, red wine sauce

Moules Frites $22
marinière style mussels, pommes frites, sauce mayonnaise

Burger Américain $21
cheeseburger, pommes frites

Lobster Frites $68
garlic-herb butter

Veal Escalope $35
charred spring onions, chanterelle mushrooms, mushroom cream

Salmon* $29
sauce maltaise, braised endive, hazelnut

Pasta Primavera* $21
garden vegetables, parmesan cream, pine nuts

Gruyère Omelette $17
Saunders Farm eggs, gruyère, fines herbes
add fresh black truffle +30

Steak Au Poivre* $40
black pepper crusted New York strip, garlic spinach, cognac demi-glace

Trout Amandine $31.5
toasted almonds, haricots verts, lemon brown butter

Steak Frites $34.5
herb roasted , maître d’butter, pommes frites

Half Roast Chicken $29
rosemary, pommes purée, jus de poulet

Duck Confit $32
frisee, aged sherry, crispy Yukon gold potato

Scallops $35
du Puy lentils, mirepoix, buerre rouge

Pommes Frites $8
Haricots Verts $8
Pommes Purée $8
Garlic Spinach $8
Cauliflower Gratin $10