Little Fatty


Mar Vista


Get directions | 3809 Grand View Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90066


Hours | Takeout

Everyday 11am – 3:00pm / 4:00 – 9:45pm


Saturday – Sunday Brunch 11am – 2:30pm

Everyday Dinner 5pm – 10pm

Accomplice Bar

5pm – 12 am


Steve Jobs didn’t wear the same thing every day because he thought black turtlenecks complimented his eyes or that New Balance sneakers were especially cool. He wore the same thing every day because it meant one less decision he had to make. Same thing goes for why you always get your coffee from the same spot, and why days of the week underwear exist. Sometimes you just don’t want to make a decision – and when you start feeling that way about dinner, you can just go to Little Fatty.
Just off Venice Blvd., Little Fatty is a casual Taiwanese spot that also doubles as a neighborhood hangout. Everything about the place is relaxed, especially during the week. The restaurant is attached to Accomplice, an excellent cocktail bar, so not only can you get Accomplice cocktails at Little Fatty (and vice versa) – but the combination of the two places also means you can come here in sweatpants or bring someone for a casual date.


(310) 574-7610