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Get directions | 1511 17th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20036


Hours | Sunday Closed, Monday Closed, Tuesday 5:30pm-10pm, Wednesday 5:30pm-10pm, Thursday 5:30pm-10pm, Friday 5:30pm-10:30pm, Saturday 5:30pm-10:30pm


Little Serow is the second establishment from the folks behind Komi, a restaurant that you have probably heard of because it’s usually in the discussion as one of DC’s best. That, or you’ve already been, and hear about it every month from Visa as you try to pay off your meal.
Regardless of your feelings on Komi, know that Little Serow is a much different experience. This is a small, casual establishment that sits right below the original restaurant, and it’s a place where magical things happen. What kind of magical things? Imagine the wonder and excitement of seeing a real life unicorn or meeting sexy sax man in person, and then imagine getting punched directly in the face at the same time. It’s an experience of immense pleasure and awe, sprinkled in with a little pain.
You see, the food at Little Serow comes from the Northern part of Thailand, a region of that country known for dishes that are packed with fiery and pungent flavors. The menu is a $49 family-style meal, comprised of seven dishes that change weekly. Dinner here is a roller coaster of delicious extremes, ranging from sweet to sour, hot to cold, and spicy to cooling…sometimes all in the same bite. It’s mind-blowingly good, it’s a steal at that price, and it’s also no secret. People line up outside of Little Serow every day, waiting for the doors to open at 5:30.
The question with all of these ‘line up outside before the doors open’ restaurants that DC seems to love so much is always: will it be worth it? In Little Serow’s case, the answer is absolutely yes. We’ve never been anything but blown away with a meal here, even when we’ve waited outside for an hour in the thick of July just to get a table. The good news in that scenario? You’re going to be sweating inside too – but from a different kind of heat. Prepare accordingly.



LS Classic — Set Dinner for Two

Seven dishes, plus a teeny dessert bite, portioned for two. ▹ Nam Prik Ta Daeng & Crispy Pork Skin ▹ Tom Kha & Pumpkin ▹ Sour Fruits Salad ▹ Lanna-Style Catfish Laap ▹ Crispy Rice Salad ▹ …
LS Classic — Beverage Pairing for Two

A 4-pack of small bottles to complement the set dinner — no decisions necessary. The pairing is portioned for two and includes all kinds of genres: ▹ Homemade Vermouth x 8 oz ▹ Basque-Style Cider x …
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Si Krong Muu — Pork Ribs

Six Mekhong whiskey-marinated pork short ribs. Served with coconut jasmine rice and a side of nam prik ta daeng — a spicy Thai relish made with salted fish and soybean — plus cucumbers for dipping. …
Neua Panang — Beef Curry

A not-quite-red curry with beef, peanut, lime leaf and basil. Served with coconut jasmine rice and a side of nam prik ta daeng — a spicy Thai relish made with salted fish and soybean — plus …
Kua Kling Gai — Dry Chicken Curry

Technically a curry, but more like a stir-fry. Spicy and aromatic minced chicken with shrimp paste, lime leaf, fresh turmeric, galangal, dried and fresh chilies — not saucy! Served with coconut …
Phat Kha Na — Spicy Mushroom & Chinese Broccoli

Oyster mushroom and Chinese broccoli stir-fried with green peppercorn, long bean, basil and so many different types of chilies. Served with coconut jasmine rice with a side of nam prik ta daeng — a …
Laap Pla Duk Chiang Mai — Lanna-Style Catfish Laap

One of our all-time favorites is back! Catfish minced with dark lanna spices, fresh herbs and crispy shallot. Meant to be eaten with the cabbage served on the side. Contains fish sauce, cilantro and …
Naem Khao Tod — Crispy Rice Salad

Spicy salad of crispy rice with sour pork sausage, peanut, ginger, cilantro, mint and coconut. Served as a kit, so that you can dress the salad when it’s time to eat to maximize crispiness! Contains …
Yum Polomai — Sour Fruits Salad

Sour fruits — mango, green papaya, pineapple, green apple and grapefruit — with cashew and khi nu chilies. Contains cashew and fish sauce. Gluten-free.
Tom Kha — Coconut Galangal Soup & Pumpkin

Coconut-galangal broth with pumpkin. Gluten-free. Contains coconut and fish sauce. 11 oz portion.
Extras For the Table

Need more coco jasmine rice, sticky rice or vegetables?! Nam prik ta daeng is a spicy relish made with chee fah chilies, soy cake and salted fish, served alongside crispy pork skin.
$2.00 – $9.00
Plus! Need ice cream?
Our sister restaurant Happy Ice Cream
is located just next door and has you covered.

Khanom Krok — Tiny Toasted Coconut Cream Cakes

Four-pack of khanom krok.
Special Occasion Extras

Pick a celebration extra! Options include: ▹ 1 Candle + 1 Candy Necklace ▹ 1 Candle + 2 Tiny .67-oz Bottles of Bitter Digestif Underberg
$2.00 – $10.00
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