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Get directions | 1725 Naud St., Los Angeles, CA 90012


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Wed, Thurs & Sunday 5-10PM

Friday & Saturday | 5-10:30PM

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Wednesday – Sunday | 5-9PM


Living in a city like Los Angeles, it’s easy to get jaded. You don’t really care that you just saw Timothee Chalamet buying Gatorade at Gelson’s, or that it’s been sunny for 100 days straight. The beach is 20 minutes from your apartment and you haven’t been since 2015. And when it comes to restaurants, you think you’ve pretty much seen it all by now. Chances are, the space is going to be an old warehouse in a somewhat bizarre location, and you’re going to eat a lot of food that the waitstaff will proudly tell you takes full advantage of California’s bountiful produce. We get it, you’re an impressive restaurant in Los Angeles.
If all that sounds familiar to you, you might walk into Majordomo feeling pretty jaded. Everything at their large Chinatown space, at least at first glance, is something you’ve seen before – cement everything, in-season vegetables everywhere, and big cuts of meat you can share with your friends. But then you start eating the food, and for the first time in a while, your dark, charcoaled heart is genuinely surprised.
Majordomo is the first LA restaurant from the guy behind the NYC-born Momofuku empire, and while the food can generally be categorized as modern Korean, Majordomo is not a Korean restaurant. It’s a restaurant where you go to eat food you can’t get anywhere else.


(323) 545-4880



Half Dozen Oysters – kimchi, kombu mignonette
Kanpachi – kombu, wasabi, lemon
Scallops – cucumber, strawberry, chili Tuna Tartare – aonori, habanero, shiso


Cultured Butter & Honey
Chickpea Dip Egg & Roe Cave Aged Butter & Caviar Benton’s Country Ham Beef Shank Pig Head Terrine


Little Gem Salad – anchovy, miso, smoked trout roe Raw Snap Peas – horseradish, lemon, radish
Fried Cauliflower – fish sauce vinaigrette, red onion, cilantro Grilled Gai Lan – ginger vinaigrette, crispy shallots Stuffed Peppers – benton’s sack sausage, buttermilk ranch Crispy Potatoes – crunchy ryu, lemon mayo Fried Oxtail – salsa seca, peanuts, honey butter


Macaroni & Chickpea – miso, black pepper King Crab Fusilli – breadcrumbs, lemon, ginger Mushroom Crispy Rice – shiitake, burdock, yuzu Pork Belly Crispy Rice – peas, shiitake, sweet soy


Grilled Striped Bass – domojang, herbs
Boiled Whole Chicken – rice, domojang, ginger scallion, soup
Grilled Wagyu Zabuton – maitake, koji, egg yolk Smoked Half Bo Ssam – (feeds 4-5) ssam, condiments, rice
Whole Plate Short Rib with Beef Rice – (feeds 5-6) ssam, condiments, beef rice *subject to availability*


Paris Brest – stracciatella, hazelnuts, cocoa
Pavlova – citrus, sansho, brown butter
Spiced Pot de Crème – feuilletine, dulce de leche, pepita Rice Pudding – coconut, condiments