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H Street


Get directions | 1351 H St NE, Washington, D.C. 20002


Hours | Sunday 7am-5pm, Monday 7am-10pm, Tuesday 7am-10pm, Wednesday 7am-10pm, Thursday 7am-11pm, Friday 7am-12am, Saturday 7am-12am


When we first visited Maketto and posted photos from our meal on ‘social media,’ several people we know quickly chimed in and said things along the lines of ‘that concept would work so much better in New York.’ These are people who live in New York City, so forgive them for thinking that where they reside is the center of the universe. It is, but also in the sense that it’s a black hole that sucks up and destroys any reasonable opinions of restaurants that aren’t in New York City.
That said, we understand what they were getting at. We just happen to think that they’re wrong.
Maketto is one of the more hyped restaurants in DC in recent memory, mostly because of the unique concept that has people in this town and outside of it talking. It’s part clothing store/part restaurant, serving interesting Cambodian and Thai influenced dishes and an incredible bowl of fried chicken that you won’t easily forget. The idea sounds strange on paper, especially when you add in the fact that the retail part exclusively features hipster sneakers and brands like Comme des Gar√ßons, and that during the day it’s also a cafe and coffee shop. But it works.
And that’s the thing – Maketto works in DC, and in New York, it would be impossible to open something like it anywhere near the city. It’s a somewhat risky concept in an amazing space that features several rooms connected by a huge open courtyard in the middle. Good luck making that happen in any major city with more expensive square footage. One of my actual notes from my last meal at Maketto was ‘This is the sh*t that isn’t happening in NY right now because it can’t.’ (Sorry for the curse word. Maketto has a nice selection of beers.)
Ulitmately, Maketto is a big part of what is making the DC restaurant scene exciting these days. It’s great for dinner with some friends or a date, or to use as a place for lunch or as a coffee and workspace, the food is excellent, the people are cool (OK, sometimes a little too cool), and it’s a great place to impress an out of towner. Ideally one from NYC.


(202) 838-9972