Santa Monica


Get directions | 2518 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405


Hours | Sunday 11:30am-3pm | 5pm-10pm, Monday 12pm-3pm | 5pm-11pm, Tuesday 12pm-3pm | 5pm-11pm, Wednesday 12pm-3pm | 5pm-11pm, Thursday 12pm-3pm | 5pm-11pm, Friday 12pm-3pm | 5pm-11pm, Saturday 11:30am-3pm | 5pm-11pm


A relatively quiet Spanish-tinged spot on Main St., Manchego is where you go with a few close friends for a casual weeknight dinner to eat tapas, drink some Spanish wine, and actually hear each other. Also, they do a bottomless brunch on the weekends that’s a lot less of a scene than other boozy brunches in the area.


(310) 450-3900


Cured Meat & Cheese

choice of one 10 | choice of three 24 | choice of five 37

manchego: sheep’s milk

cabra romero: rosemary goat cheese

idiazabal: raw sheep’s milk

tres leches: cow, sheep, goat’s milk

jamón serrano: dry-cured ham

chorizo soria: cured sausage, smoke and garlic

lomo embuchado: dry-cured pork tenderloin


marinated green olives 7

blistered shishito peppers 8

deviled eggs 8

goat cheese and dried fig tostado 8

spinach or mushroom croquetas 9

fried patatas, garlic aioli, spicy roasted red pepper and feta sauce 9

gazpacho andaluz 9

market vegetables 13

orzo risotto with idiazabal cheese, artichoke heart 14

tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, green peppers, avocado, vinagre de jerez 12

romaine, cherry tomatoes, anchoa olives, avocado, young manchego 13

beet, burrata, pistachio dust, radicchio & watercress 13

jamón wrapped dates, spanish goat cheese 13

brussels sprouts, bacon, manchego, mushroom, vinagre de jerez 14

mac and manchego cheese, truffle oil (bacon) 13/17

membrillo glazed pork belly, marcona almonds 15

gambas (spicy garlic shrimp) 16

catalan chicken, Chablis raisins and shaved almonds 16

filet mignon meatballs, fenugreek crema 17

short ribs, crispy polenta 21

hanger steak, roasted fingerling potatoes 23

pan seared branzino, roasted garlic and fresh herbs 23

lamb chops, tzatziki 24

jamon iberico de bellota, pata negra acorn fed ham 27


churros/ cola cao 7

flan de yeye 7

panna cotta 9

double espresso 4

hot/iced tea 3.5

Happy hour weekdays from 5 pm to 6:30pm

gazpacho andaluz 6

deviled eggs 7

romaine salad, avocado, tomato, anchoa olives, avocado, manchego 7

tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, avocado, olive oil, vinagre de jerez& olive oil 7

croquetas, mushroom or spinach 7

goat cheese and dried fig tostado 7

gambas (spicy garlic shrimp) 11

membrillo glazed pork belly, marcona almonds 11

churros/ cola cao 5

sangria (glass) 6.25

red or white or rose wine 7.25

bottled beer 5