Manhattan Beach Post

American / Fusion

Manhattan Beach


Get directions | 1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Hours | Sunday 10am-10pm, Monday 5pm-10pm, Tuesday 5pm-10pm, Wednesday 5pm-10pm, Thursday 5pm-10pm, Friday 11:30am-10:30pm, Saturday 10am-10:30pm


A few years ago, the restaurant scene in Manhattan Beach was practically nonexistent. There were plenty of places where you could eat an entire meal without having to wear shoes, but big, trendy restaurants? Not so much. So when Manhattan Beach Post opened, people got pretty excited about having somewhere kind of upscale to eat in the South Bay that wasn’t outrageously expensive or outrageously bad. The bacon cheddar biscuits became a thing of legend, and suddenly, one of the hottest restaurants in town was way south on the 405.
But things have changed. Manhattan Beach is no longer a wasteland of semi-acceptable salads, and a bunch of really great restaurants have opened in the area. Which is amazing for Manhattan Beach, but less so for M.B. Post. Being the pioneer can be easy – it’s when the competition rolls into town that things get harder.


(310) 545-5405