Maple Block Meat Co.


Culver City


Get directions | 3973 Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90230


Hours | Sunday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-9pm, Monday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Tuesday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Wednesday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Thursday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Friday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-11pm, Saturday 11:30am-3pm | 5:30pm-11pm


Hold up. Did LA just become a BBQ town?
Right as you were choking down the last of that milk thistle tempeh bowl, Los Angeles just got itself yet another A-List BBQ joint. No, we’re not going to be Memphis, Kansas City, or Austin anytime soon. But LA BBQ is officially no longer a punchline.
Residing on a stretch of Sepulveda Blvd. in Culver City we understood to be reserved for discount carpet stores and Donut King, Maple Block Meat Co. is a modern, fantastic BBQ spot that frankly nobody saw coming. The interior may have some pretty trendy touches to it, but fear not. The rustic look of the place still triggers that button in your brain telling you it’s ok to binge eat BBQ here. And trust us, you will.
The star of this meat show is undoubtedly the brisket. This smoky cut of meat is drop-your-fork-and-consider-what-just-happened good. You could just order it alone and probably walk out happy. But that would also be a huge mistake on your part, because what really sets Maple Block apart from the pack is everything else on that menu. We can’t stop thinking about the biscuits, the mac, the pie, the greens, or those pimiento cheese sandwiches that wouldn’t be out of place in the lunch box of a first grader whose mom clearly knows what the f*ck is up.
While the food will continue to bring in the crowds, it’s the vibe that will keep them there. This is Culver after all, people don’t give a sh*t about status. They care about having a laid-back place where they can show up with their friends, eat great food, and be on their way. Enter: Maple Block. Come in with co-workers for a casual, order-at-the-counter lunch or stroll in at dinner with the crew or a hot date (yes, a date) for some full-service BBQ bliss. Maple Block is the unpretentious, non-kitschy neighborhood BBQ joint that will appeal to just about everyone.
Scrap the punchlines, jokes on you if you aren’t eating here.


(310) 313-6328