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Everyone’s been there. You’re having an innocent conversation over yeasted, ring-shaped hunks of bread when someone inevitably asks the question: ‘So, how does it compare to a New York bagel?’
We never really know how to answer, because even though we’ve had plenty of good bagels in NYC, we’re not really sure what turns a New York bagel into A New York Bagel (it’s not the water, no matter what your uncle in Brooklyn says). And unless they’re either a chemist or a chef – or both – the person asking you the question certainly doesn’t know, either.
So we’re not going to compare Maury’s to a New York bagel, because we don’t care how it stands up to some New Yorker’s favorite Tompkins Square sesame-lox whatever. All we know is this Silver Lake spot bakes damn good bagels, smears them with just the right amount of cream cheese, loads them with excellent smoked fish, and breaks a few rules in the process.
Located on a residential street in Silver Lake you probably don’t know exists unless you live on it, Maury’s is a tiny, predominantly takeout spot. The menu here is limited – usually seven different sandwich and open-faced options, most of them involving fish. But, just like how Quentin Tarantino says he’s only going to make ten movies, we don’t mind the limited quantity when the quality is so high. The bagels are soft and chewy, but not so springy that you’re going to sprain your jaw – they still crunch a bit when you bite into them. The Everything and the garlic bagels are our favorites, but you can’t really go wrong with any of them… and no matter which you order, it’ll still be warm when it’s handed over. Maury’s doesn’t toast their bagels (unless you ask for it), they just churn them out at an incredible pace.


(323) 380-9380


Bagel & Lox $10.00. Cream cheese, lox, red onion, capers.
Pastrami Lox (NEW!) $10.00. Pastrami lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onion.
Build-a-Bagel $2.50. Choose your bagel and start building.
Whitefish Bagel $12.00. Cream cheese, whitefish salad, cucumber, red onion.
Trout Bagel $12.00. …
Kippered Salmon Bagel $12.00.