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Get directions | 149 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Hours | Sunday 11am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Monday 6pm-10pm, Tuesday 6pm-10pm, Wednesday 6pm-10pm, Thursday 6pm-10pm, Friday 6pm-11pm, Saturday 11am-3pm | 5:30pm-11pm


There’s this thing. It’s called The Feel Good Factor. And it’s actually the thing that makes you want to go back to a certain restaurant. It’s not the food, it’s not the service, it’s not whether or not they have upscale tater tots on the menu. It’s the FGF, and if you own an eating establishment of any kind, it’s the secret to creating a successful business.
Why doesn’t anybody talk about The Feel Good Factor? Mostly because we’ll litigate. It cost us a lot of money to register a trademark for the sole purpose of this review, and we intend to defend against any and all infringement with fervor. But also because it’s a hard thing to quantify. To be honest, we probably couldn’t tell you what the exact equation for exceptionally high FGF is. We can only tell you whether or not a certain place has it. And Meadowsweet absolutely does.
Meadowsweet is the new restaurant in the space that was once home to Brooklyn favorite Dressler, brought to you by the one-time chef of Dressler. It was recently awarded a Michelin star, which we suppose is an indication that someone (besides us) likes it here. But stars don’t tell much of a story. And they certainly don’t make you feel good.
What does make you feel good is when you’re eating a plate of something awesome while sitting in a comfortable chair in a nicely appointed room and then The Rolling Stones’ ‘Monkey Man’ comes on over the speakers. Or when you order a bottle of wine, and they realize that they’ve run out of it but then recommend something that turns out to be even better. It’s that moment that you realize that a place has enough intangible positive qualities that you’re willing to forgive a dish that’s too salty because f*ck it, I feel good, and I have water. That’s the Feel Good Factor in a nutshell, and all of those things are happening at this restaurant.
So if you’re looking for more detail about what exactly makes Meadowsweet a place worth coming to, then we’re sorry. You won’t find that here because we can’t offer it to you today. What we can tell you is that this place makes us feel good, and we want to go back. And maybe that’s all you need to know.




olive oil rolls
honey butter
crispy baby artichokes
shaved parmesan, baby arugula, parsley & lemon
burrata & delicata squash
sage-pecan pesto, brussel sprouts, pickled peppers, pickled red pearl onion & sourdough crisp
winter salad
chicories, mustard greens, winter citrus, parmesan & citrus-cumin vinaigrette
braised wagyu beef empanadas
avocado-tomatillo salsa verde
roasted baby carrots
labneh, pistachio-sesame dukkah & fresh herbs
fried green tomatoes
buttermilk ranch, fine herbs & parmesan
spanish octopus & chorizo
fingerling potato, olives, pickled pepper, cantabrian anchovy & pimenton aioli
squash raviolo & braised duck ragu
fresh ricotta & fine herbs
tajarin & perigord truffle
black winter truffle & parmesan
cavatelli & fennel sausage
calabrian chile, green onion & pecorino
crispy chicken sandwich
buttermilk ranch, gochujang wing sauce, bibb lettuce, dill pickles & fries
meadowsweet cheeseburger
sharp white cheddar, caramelized onion-bacon jam, bread and butter pickles & fries
scottish salmon
parsley root, jerusalem artichoke, cauliflower, wild mushroom & black truffle vinaigrette
roasted romanesco cauliflower
chickpea fritters, tahini, labneh, harissa, pickled peppers, sesame, fresh herbs, preserved lemon & za’atar
roasted chicken roulade
spaetzle, roasted sauerkraut, apple butter, shitake mushroom, miso & whole grain mustard
spiced duck breast
parsnip puree, roasted brussel sprouts, fingerling potato, red onion jam & braised tuscan kale
australian wagyu culotte
pave potato, onion jam, wild mushroom, spinach puree, brandy & green peppercorns
($5 per guest plating fee for desserts brought in)
flourless chocolate cake
cocoa crunch, coconut anglaise & caramel ice cream
brown butter almond cake
raspberries, passionfruit & almond ice cream
blueberry crumble
lemon curd & vanilla ice cream
dessert drinks
yes, honey
applejack brandy, allspice dram, clove honey, ginger, lemon
tosolini cividina grappa
infantado white, tawny or ruby
dessert wine
vin santo del chianti DOC ’08
manzanilla classic rey fernando de castilla NV
oloroso antique rey fernando de castilla NV
specialty whiskey fukano 14yr
specialty whiskey ichiro’s malt & grain
specialty whiskey iwai tradition
specialty whiskey sasakawa pure
specialty whiskey usquaebach scotch
specialty whiskey whistle