Medium Rare


Cleveland Park


Get directions | 3500 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20008


Hours | Sunday 11am-2:30pm | 5pm-10pm, Monday 5pm-10pm, Tuesday 5pm-10pm, Wednesday 5pm-10pm, Thursday 5pm-10pm, Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday 5pm-10pm


We like simple, and Medium Rare is nothing if not dead simple. Serving one thing, steak frites, two ways (there is a portobello mushroom version for your vegetarian friends), we’re actually not sure why they bothered to print menus.
Despite the name, you can get your steak cooked to any temperature you want here. Be warned, if you order anything but medium-rare, you’ll get an incredibly corny joke that their sister restaurant ‘Medium Well’ is across the street. We’d bet dollars to doughnuts the joke is on page one of the employee manual. How well this joke lands is directly correlated to how much wine your group brought. And at a low $12/bottle corkage fee, make sure you have a reason for bringing those specific bottles. Or scratch off the two buck chuck label before you walk in.
The ‘menu’ being limited has its benefits, namely price. You’ll get a decent piece of meat in a fun, grown up atmosphere for way south of $50. Be warned, they don’t take reservations and it can get crowded during peak hours, but the hosts will be more than happy to recommend one of the bars across the street to loosen up your group before dinner.


(202) 237-1432


$25.95 Set Menu
prix fixe

Artisan Rustic Bread
pain de campagne
Mixed Green Salad
la salade verte
Award-Winning Culotte Steak &
Hand-Cut Fries with Secret Sauce
steak culotte, frites et sauce secrète
Vegan Friendly Option
Grilled Portobello
with Fired Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
& Hand-cut Fries
Portobello grillé avec sauce au poivron
rouge rôtie au feu, frites

$27.99 Inclusive **

Bottomless Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers, Mimosas, Coffee, Sodas and Fresh Orange juice

Start with our Fresh, oven hot rustic bread and your choice of:
Vanilla yogurt parfait with dried fruit and granola*; farm fresh fruit salad or our mixed green salad.

Steak Frites
Award winning Culotte steak & hand-cut fries with our secret sauce.

Steak and Eggs
With “the perfect poached egg” or our house scrambled eggs and hand-cut fries.

French Toast and Sausage
Our house specialty 24 hour soaked French toast recipe, and local artisanal sausage.

Medium Rare’s Famous Benedict
Steak and portobello mushroom hash accompanied by “the perfect poached egg”, topped with our secret sauce hollandaise and hand-cut fries.

Egg Frites & Sausage
Three perfectly poached eggs or our house scrambled eggs, hand-cut fries and local artisanal sausage.

Grandma’s Apple Pie
with vanilla bean ice cream
tarte aux pommes grand-mère à la mode

Double Chocolate Fudge Three Layer Cake*
le gâteau aux deux chocolats
Six Layer Carrot Cake*
le gâteau à la carotte aux six étages
House Specialty
Hot Fudge Sundae*
le sundae maison, sauce au chocolat chad

Key Lime Pie
tarte au citron vert