Brunching On Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day Weekend! A huge tradition on Memorial Day in the United States is to gather with friends and family. American citizens enjoy the beautiful weather, eat some delicious food, and spend time together remembering the fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives so that we can live ours freely. Read on to find out more about the significance of this special day and offers some tips on how to celebrate while honouring those who made the ultimate sacrifice to give us our freedom.

What Is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day has been a time to honour and commemorate the sacrifices made by America’s fallen heroes. It was first observed on May 30, 1868, as Decoration Day. During World War I, Congress officially made Memorial Day an official holiday. Ever since then it has been celebrated annually on May 30th. Memorial Day is a time to pause, reflect, remember and honour all of those who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

On this day each year, millions of American citizens go to church services, hold parades, and gather with friends and family. Taking time out helps us take a pause and reflect on what Memorial Day is really about community. With this, Memorial Day sheds light on what it means it American citizens living in a community filled with individuals from many different walks of life.

Food is an integral part of celebrations and events. Breakfast foods like pancakes and eggs, lunch foods like hamburgers and hot dogs, side dishes like potato salad or coleslaw, drinks like lemonade or iced tea, and desserts like pies and cobblers typically accompany Memorial Day celebrations. What better way to connect with your community than by going to a local barbecue restaurant,  brunch venue or having street food at a Memorial Day Parade? You might even find yourself meeting new people! Here are some fun ideas for foodies this Memorial Day weekend:

Lets Brunch

People like to go out for brunch on national holidays and Memorial Day is no exception. We know that certain foods immediately come to mind when you think about Memorial Day celebrations—think hot dogs, burgers, potato salad—but why not try brunch? Brunch has become a popular choice for many families and friends looking for tasty options that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for a quiet place with friends or a lively gathering with family there’s a brunch spot for you in your city. If you’re going to go all out, consider making it bottomless. A stacked Breakfast Burger with a Mimosa in hand? What a perfect way to commemorate Memorial Day. Be sure to have a look at Brunch In The USA’s curated lists for all the best brunch spots near you! 

Have A Summertime BBQ

A Barbecue is a summertime staple for families, but it’s also a great way to get together with friends who live nearby. Fire up that grill and invite your friends over for an awesome cookout. Create a perfect memory by having enough food prepared for everyone to enjoy. Decorate your living room or backyard and spread out all of your food while they’re all still hot. Make sure you have plenty of drinks available because Memorial Day is about remembering our soldiers and celebrating together!

Get Your Fill Of Delicious Street Food At The Memorial Day Parade

Celebrate Memorial Day with friends and family by attending the parade. One of the best parts of this time-honoured tradition is the abundance of food available from vendors lining the parade route, and there are plenty of great street food options to choose from. Of course, you’ll want to arrive early to pick out your favourite spot along the parade route and stake it out. Make sure to pack your patriotic flag for your march or watch in support of our veterans and current troops.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Memorial Day weekend, food is sure to make your celebration more memorable. In the end, Memorial Day all comes down to a celebration of life. And who doesn’t love a good party?