Old Rose


West Village


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Close your eyes, and think about all your friends. We’re willing to bet that at least one of them is pretty cool, but also kind of a jerk. Maybe this friend doesn’t respond to your texts and always seems to have new clothing despite the fact that they work in publishing. Or maybe he or she shows obvious potential, but has yet to do anything that would make the person at the gates of the afterlife say, ‘Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to meet you.’ If this friend were a restaurant, it would be Old Rose.
Old Rose is in the bottom of the Jane Hotel, and it feels like a ballroom that someone converted into a cafe. The ceilings are high, there are some big windows, and the walls are covered in paintings of centaur-like creatures doing stereotypical centaur things (drinking, playing the flute, etc.). It’s spacious, there’s room for groups, and it even feels kind of special.
The menu, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. It’s Italian, and it has a few pizzas and pastas, a kale caesar, and some smaller things like octopus. And, while that might not sound very exciting, you should know that they do these staples pretty well. The pastas are solid, the pizzas are great (especially the clam one), and their side of meatballs with stracciatella is the sort of thing you dream about after you step in a puddle then see on Facebook that your ex is getting married to a person who’s slightly more attractive than you.


(212) 255-4143