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It doesn’t take much time living in New York City to realize that finding your own version of Cheers or Central Perk or Tom’s Restaurant or Bada Bing isn’t as easy as you might have hoped. The bartender friend who always comps your shots, the coffee guy who can always tell when you’re having a rough morning, or even the bodega cashier who’s memorized your drunk order so all you have to do is hand him your credit card and shamefully avoid eye contact – if you’ve achieved any of these situations, congratulations. You’re officially living out your very own New York City sitcom.
Ops, a restaurant serving great pizza in Bushwick, will make you feel like you’re already a regular from the minute you walk in the door. Even if you don’t live in this neighborhood, we think that feeling’s worth traveling for.
The menu is small (it’s a short list, and also weirdly physically tiny), with only one rotating cheese plate, appetizer, and salad – the rest is all pizza. Which is what you’re really here for. The sourdough crust is great, and if you dabble in square pies, their version is excellent. Meals at Ops are basically just bread and cheese, but we never feel the spiraling regret of a food hangover after eating here. Maybe that’s because they get all their ingredients from local farmers. Or maybe we’ve finally built up full bread and cheese immunity.


(718) 386-4009
hello @ opsbk.com.


marinara 16 | tomatoes, garlic, oregano

margherita 18 | tomatoes, house mozzarella, basil

square pie 28 | tomatoes, house mozzarella, olives, basil, oregano

– please allow additional cooking time –

add ons 2 | side of marinara | onions | olives | greens | peppers | mushrooms |

add ons 3 | pepperoni | sausage | anchovies


juno 19 | broccoli rabe, potatoes, provola, ricotta salata

pops 20 | tomatoes, house mozzarella, guanciale, onions, pecorino

cicero 19 | many onions, preserved tomatoes, sharp provolone, mozzarella, oregano

rojo 19 | mortadella, pickled peppers, crescenza