East Village


Get directions | 54 E. 1st St., New York, NY 10003


Hours | Sunday 10am-3:30pm | 5:30pm-11pm, Monday 5:30pm-11pm, Tuesday 5:30pm-11pm, Wednesday 5:30pm-11pm, Thursday 5:30pm-11pm, Friday 5:30pm-11pm, Saturday 10am-3:30pm | 5:30pm-11pm


We’re guessing that what you know about Prune probably has something to do with brunch. It also probably has something to do with waiting for brunch, because that’s what you’re going to do here. Standing outside of Prune for 45 minutes is as much a part of the experience of having a bloody mary and eggs benedict inside of it. But you probably also know that it’s going to be worth it, because this restaurant is what every other restaurant is trying to emulate when it comes to brunch. Not many do it better.
What you might not know is that Prune has a reputation that reaches far beyond the East Village. Back in our music business days, we used to hear the term, ‘artist’s artist’ a lot, in reference to a musician who has the respect and admiration of other musicians, but is relatively unknown to the general public. Sort of like how that guy Paul McCartney influenced Kanye West. Prune’s chef and owner, Gabrielle Hamilton, is an artist’s artist. Or, I suppose more accurately, a chef’s chef. People in the restaurant industry hold both her and Prune in high regard, even though it’s probably not the first place that your mom has on her Hit List when she’s visiting for the weekend.
I bring that up because what you also might not know is that Prune is just as good for dinner as it is for the meal that it’s more popularly known for. At night this place is more of an American version of a tiny French bistro, and it has largely made its name on serving creative and interesting dishes that you won’t recognize from every other menu around town, but that you will absolutely want to eat. Like blistered squid with fresh made pork sausage. Or a giant roasted veal breast with potatoes. It’s as perfect a spot for Date Night or Dinner With The Parents as it is for Brunch, and we’ve even been known to hit it solo for a meal at the bar on a Sunday night.
Regardless of the time of day, we’ve never loved how cramped this restaurant is – they tend to pack as many people into their 200 square feet of space as humanly possible. But we’ve also never not loved a meal here. That’s probably why people keep showing up after 15 years in business. Having a reputation helps. But having really good food helps more.




10-Radishes, Sweet Butter, Kosher Salt
18-Merguez Sausage Sandwich with Caramelized Onion
18-A Big Bowl of Very Spicy Soup (changes daily)
14-Whole Avocado on Seeded Bread with Calabrian Chili and Lemon Zest
22-Chicken Diavolo, Grilled Lemons
15-Ragu Bolognese on Toast
18-Sous Chef Salad (changes daily)
14-Six Onion Soup, Bibb Lettuces Vinaigrette
15-Baked Eggs Florentine with Thyme Breadcrumbs
21-Grilled Hamburger with Cheddar Cheese on a Toasted English Muffin with Parsley Shallot Butter
8-Braised Escarole, Chili Flake, Garlic

48-Lower East Side AppetizingSmoked salmon, sturgeon, sable & trout from RUSS & DAUGHTERS with assorted breads and garnishes
15-Fresh RicottaFresh soft ricotta with raspberries, figs, toasted pine nuts and honey. Served with Merveilles.
18-Monte CristoTriple-decker ham, turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, custard-style battered and deep fried. With fried eggs and red currant jelly.
16-Spaghetti a la CarbonaraThe Italian way to get your bacon and eggs…with pasta. And plenty of black pepper.
17-Youth Hostel BreakfastFish pastes, liver wursts, lanjaegers, and grainy breads. With butter, jam and condiments.
18-Dutch Style PancakeOne large individual pancake, cooked in the oven, with pears. Served with Canadian bacon, powdered sugar and a side of maple syrup
17-Classic Eggs BenedictPoached eggs on English muffins with hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon and potatoes rosti.
19-Sausages & Oysters*Grilled handmade lamb sausages with 3 Wellfleet oysters on the 1/2 shell, stewed tomatoes and grilled peasant bread.
16-Soft Scrambled EggsOn the wet side, with fresh chopped parsley, smoked bacon, potatoes rosti and toasted English muffin.
16-*Coddled egg with savory chicken, buttered white toast, mixed lettuces vinaigrette.
25-Steak and Eggs7 oz. Prime Newport steak, grilled, with parsley-shallot butter and 2 eggs, any style, toasted English muffin and potatoes rosti.
17-Spicy Stewed ChickpeasButter-crumbed eggs with spicy stewed chickpeas, preserved lemons and warm flatbread.
17-Huevos RancherosBaked eggs in tomato, garlic and chilis. With black beans, Chihuahua cheese and avocado.
Homemade toasted granola with banana and whole milk
Grape-nuts with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cold Maple Syrup
Steel cut Irish oats with brown sugar, walnuts, cream
Ginger-Mint Macerated Fruit Salad
10-Toasted Caraway Seed and Sour Cream Omelette
15-Fried Oyster Omelette with remoulade sauce
-Choices: Swiss, Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Smoked Salmon, Canadian Bacon
-$10 with one
-$1 each additional item
6-2 Eggs: Fried, Poached, Scrambled, 4-minute soft boiled
3-English muffin, Pullman white toast, or dark, grainy breads
8-Grilled Lamb Sausage
5-Bacon or Canadian Bacon
6-Potatoes Rosti
4-Stewed Chickpeas
4-Stewed Tomatoes
9-Bibb Lettuces Vinaigrette

Buckwheat Galette ‘Complet’
12-Deviled Rabbit Kidneys with Toast and Jelly
15-Sauteed Head On Shrimp with Anchovy and Nutmeg on Brown Bread
26-Chicken in a Pot, Grey Salt
28-Long Island Skate Wing, Salsify and Lemon Sauce
28-Pork Cheeks Braised with Beans and Sage
32-Breton Fish Soup with Rouille Crouton
30-Grilled Pigeon, Bread Sauce, Cress and Giblets Salad
8-La Ratte Potatoes Fried in Duck Fat, Showered in Green Onions
8-Treviso Salad with Cornichons and Capers
10-Warm Leeks with Walnut Vinaigrette and Sieved Egg
9-Buttered Baby White Turnips and Brussels Sprouts
10-Brothy Smoked White Beans with Russian Kale