Get directions | 180 Prince St., New York, NY 10012


Hours | Sunday 5pm-12am, Monday 5pm-12am, Tuesday 5pm-12am, Wednesday 5pm-12am, Thursday 5pm-12am, Friday 5pm-, Saturday 5pm-


Raoul’s is still the best. That’s really the only proper way to put it. If you can’t have a good time here, you probably can’t have a good time anywhere. This lively French bistro has been a Soho institution since the ’70s. It’s that awesome NYC restaurant depicted in your favorite Woody Allen flick, one that probably doesn’t exist in real life… except it does. It is also pretty much exactly the same as it was when we first weighed in on it back in 2010, and we’d bet that not much will change in the decade to come. Restaurants come and go in this city, things change, trends happen, yet Raoul’s keeps on chugging. Now it just has even more action because it gets overflow from The Dutch across the street.
Raoul’s is useful for a variety of different things. Having dinner with friends from out of town you want to impress with a classic New York evening? Raoul’s is the quintessential downtown restaurant for such activities. Double date with your favorite party couple who like to untuck, throw a couple back, and grub hard? This is the place. On the prowl after work with your favorite wing man/wing woman? There’s all kinds of quality Action At The Bar at Raoul’s with a classy crowd of spunky ladies and well put together dudes. Let’s just say this isn’t the kind of place you’d meet someone on a popular dating app. It’s the kind of place you’d meet someone while you’re both peering into the fish tank in the middle of the restaurant, checking out the goldfish. We’ve got your ice-breaker line prepared for you: ‘I bet its name is Nemo.’ You’re welcome.
If you want to be all up in the mix, make sure to request a table in the front of the restaurant. Or post up at the bar, which is always a good move. Speaking of the bar, that’s the only place you can get their tremendous burger, which they only make a limited amount of every night. For a more subdued good time, the back atrium through the kitchen is where it’s at. Either way, prepare to have a good time.





Sourdough Baguette / Country Wheat with Cowbella butter, radishes & Sel Gris • 9

Oysters du Jour with mignonette & cocktail sauce* • 24

Artichoke Vinaigrette with Raoul’s dressing • 21

Artisanal ham and truffle beignets with truffie remoulade • 18

Roast Carrots with Labneh & pomegranate dressing • 18

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with shallots & parsley • 18

Shrimp Remoulade with wild arugula & horseradish • 24

Oyster Gratine with hollandaise & caviar • 32

Pate Maison with cornichon & niroise olives • 21


Boston Lettuce with shaved radish, sheep feta & sherry vinaigrette • 18

Charred Ruby Beets with chevre, avocado & sumac vinaigrette • 18

Frisée with lardons, pistachios, & poached farm egg* • 19

Butternut Squash Soup with lobster, chantarelles & saffron • 18

Steak T artare with cornichon salad, croutons & quail egg* • 23

La Belle Farms seared Foie Gras with pickled red onion & Surette a la Pommes* • 36

Escargot Ragout with Sagamite Polenta & Paris mushrooms • 21


Organic Mezze Rigatoni with Stracciatella, wild mushrooms & grana padano • 34

Dover Sole Neuniere with green asparagus, lemon & crispy parsley* • 76

Roast Dayboat Scallops with snap peas, Honshimeji, Fennel puree & saffron nage* • 48

Roast King Salmon with savoy cabbage, bacon, creme fraiche & red wine* • 42

Glazed Beef Short Rib with wild chive risotto & nettles • 45

Roast Chicken with “Jambalaya” risotto & charred scallion • 35

Steak Naturel au Poivre with hand cut pommes frites • 58

Roast Rack of Lamb • 135


Baby Spinach • 12

Pommes Mousseline • 12

Haricot Verts • 12

Pommes Frites • 12

Oysters Du Jour

mignonette & cocktail sauce* · 22

Artichoke Vinaigrette

Raoul’s dressing · 21

Boston Lettuce

sheep feta, Raoul’s dressing · 16

Frisée Lardon

poached farm egg, lardons, pistachio & Raoul’s dressing* · 18

Artisanal Ham & Burgundy Truffle Beignets

truffle rémoulade · 18

Steak Tartare

cornichon salad, croutons & quail egg* · 23


Pinot Blanc

Domaine Mann, Alsace 2018 · 17

Chenin Blanc

Xavier Weisskopf, Vin de France · 18


Trimbach, ‘Vieilles Vignes’, Alsace 2017 · 20

Sauvignon Blanc

Thomas-Labaille, Sancerre 2020 · 21


Jean-Marc Pillot Saint-Romain 2015 · 25


Pinot Noir

Michel Gay & Fils, ‘VV’, Chorey-les-Beaune 2017 · 24


Domaine du Seminaire, Cotes-du-Rhone 2019 · 16


Bedrock Wine Company, California 2018 · 19


Alexandra Sirech, Le Bordeaux 2018 · 14

Cabernet Sauvignon

Chateau Madame de Beaucaillou 2018 · 27

French 75

Domaine Collin, Crémant de Limoux, Courvoisier VS, St-Germain, Lemon Juice · 16

Vin Chaud

Warm Cotes-du-Rhone, orange, lemon, anise, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cadamon · 16

Bloody Manette

Belle Chasse vodka, tomato, Piment d’Espelette,
Herbs de Provence, lardons, cornichon · 16

Vierge Manette

tomato, Piment d’Espelette, Herbs de Provence, lardons, cornichon · 8

Sparkling French Cider

Duche de Longville, France · 8

Pierre Sparr Crémant D’Alsace,
Brut Réserve · 15

La Caravelle Champagne,
Blanc de Blancs · 25

Guy Larmandier, Champagne Rose, Brut,

ler Cru, Vertus · 34


potatoes, gruyere cheese & petite boston salad · 24

Pork Belly Egg Sandwich

organic eggs, Gruyere cheese & pickled jalapeno · 23

Eggs “Norvégien”

everything bagel, organic smoked salmon & hollandaise* · 33

Soufflé Pancake

Honeycrisp apples, salty toffee sauce & whipped crème fraîche · 26

Crispy Skate Sandwich

shaved red onion, wild arugula & Rémoulade s0auce* · 30

Moules Frites

Saffron & pommes frites* · 35

“Holstein” Berkshire Pork Schnitzel

frisée, sunny side egg & caper dressing* · 34

Raoul’s Burger au Poivre

St André cheese, cornichon & pommes frites* · 30

Steak Au Poivre

pommes frites* · 52

Watercress Salad · 10

Au Poivre Sauce · 6

Hand Cut Pommes Frites · 10

Crème Brûlée

vanilla custard & a sugar cookie · 12


with vanilla ice cream & Casa Luker chocolate sauce · 12

Banana Coconut Bread Pudding

with salty toffee sauce & whipped crème fraîche · 12

Chai Walla

black tea with ginger & cardamom · 5

China Green

sencha style · 5

Darjeeling Black

organic black tea · 5


organic chamomile · 5

Peppermint Leaves

classic organic mint leaves · 5

French Press Small & Large · 8 & 16

American · 5

Espresso · 5

Cappuccino · 6

Cardamom Coffee · 6

Hot Chocolate · 5