Pizza / Italian

Culver City


Get directions | 8850 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232


Hours | HOURS:

Monday – Friday Dine In: 12pm-10pm

Saturday – Sunday Dine In: 11am-10pm

Monday – Sunday Takeout 11am-9:30pm


At some point in your life, maybe after years of squawking through clarinet lessons, or having pivot tables explained to you for the 17th time, you realize there are just some things you’re better at than others. The truly revolutionary moment comes when you make peace with the fact that you’re never going to understand Excel.
Roberta’s, an NYC restaurant with a West Coast location at Platform in Culver City, serves truly fantastic pizza. But pizza is also the thing this place should stick to.
If the name Roberta’s sounds familiar, that’s not (only) because it was your grandmother’s middle name – this is the restaurant that opened 10 years ago in a warehouse in Brooklyn and spawned a million other copycats. Since then, Roberta’s has become a household name for people who have strong opinions about ideal crust texture and spend too much time thinking about whether deep dish counts as pizza. If you’ve ever had spicy honey on a slice, it’s probably because of this place.
The obvious next step in Roberta’s quest for world domination was opening a location in Los Angeles – although it’s a little odd that they decided to do so in a fancy mall in Culver City. Watching people leave a Soulcycle while you eat is a slightly different, slightly less exciting experience than dinner in a Bushwick warehouse.