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Get directions | 905 Lorimer Street, New York, NY 11222


Hours | Sunday 8am-12am, Monday 8am-12am, Tuesday 8am-12am, Wednesday 8am-12am, Thursday 8am-12am, Friday 8am-12am, Saturday 8am-12am


In NYC, you resign yourself to certain things. You’ll never see a full night sky, for example. And you’ll also never find a post office that doesn’t make you feel a deep and disorientating sadness – like when you see a whole ice cream cone on the ground, or go into a Best Buy and accidentally catch the last few minutes of The Notebook on a 65-inch flat screen. And, if you live here, you also know that it’s hard to walk into a good restaurant without a reservation on a Friday night. Sauvage, however, is an exception.
We’ve never had too much trouble getting into Sauvage. Which is weird, because this restaurant in lower Greenpoint has a lot going for it. It’s casual enough that you can wear a sweater that you’ve technically never washed before, the food is both reliably good and just a little bit interesting, and it’s one of the most pleasant places to have a meal within a two-mile radius.
It feels like a newer version of one of the bistros you see on every corner in Paris. There are red leather banquettes, a few potted plants, and some old-school ceiling fans that are probably just for show. Also, when it’s nice out, you can sit at one of the many tables on the sidewalk, eat a decent brunch, and watch the tourists wandering up Bedford Ave (some of whom are probably from Paris, which makes for a nice role reversal).


(718) 486-6816