Spoon By H

Korean / Dessert

Beverly Grove / Hancock Park


Get directions | 7158 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


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Even by LA strip-mall standards, Spoon By H doesn’t make much sense. You aren’t supposed to find a perfect bowl of pork belly dumpling soup at a dessert shop sandwiched between a Papa John’s and a GameStop. Order-at-the counter places that advertise shaved ice and waffles on their windows don’t typically have a secret rotating menu of Korean specialty dishes that are so good you’ll drive back the next day in rush hour to eat them.
But it takes only a few bites at Spoon By H to realize that a meal here isn’t about making sense of anything. It’s about being part of one of the most unique and exciting dining experiences in Los Angeles.
At its core, Spoon By H is a Korean dessert shop. The tiny space has about nine tables inside, and a design scheme that lands somewhere between a 4th grade art room and a paint-your-own-pottery class. There are plastic snowflakes on the windows, lights that look like hanging dandelion puffs, and a wall full of headshots of people you’ve definitely never heard of. It’s kind of adorable, actually – like you’ve entered a candy-colored parallel world, full of desserts like shaved snow and strawberry banana waffles. But at dinner, once the hot food starts coming out of the kitchen, this place turns into one of the best Korean restaurants in the city.


(323) 930-0789