Super Pollo

Latin / Fast Food / Peruvian



Get directions | 550 N Quincy St Ste C, Arlington, VA 22203


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Everyone needs a place like Super Pollo close to their home. A super-dependable, super-delicious, cheap option to pick up food anytime. Having lived across the street from this place back in the day, we dream fondly of the days where we could wake up, and within minutes be waist deep in the best Peruvian food the area has to offer. While the chicken is great, the sides are so good here, we’ve been known to ditch the chicken entirely to go with a side sample.
As an added bonus: we’re not saying how we know this, but something about the chicken is a magical hangover elixir. Fine, we know because we’ve eaten here many times hungover. Unless Mom is reading this. Mom, we’re just guessing with the hangover stuff. We meant that the food goes really well paired with a quiet night and a book.


(703) 525-0999