Thai X-ing




Get directions | 2020 9th Street, Washington, D.C. 20001


Hours | Sunday 5:30pm-10pm, Monday Closed, Tuesday 5:30pm-10pm, Wednesday 5:30pm-10pm, Thursday 5:30pm-10pm, Friday 5:30pm-10pm, Saturday 5:30pm-10pm


We’ve all been there, struggling to pick a date night location. The constant deferral to the other person, not wanting to step on each other’s toes. The mismatch of desired cuisines. And it doesn’t stop once you get to the restaurant. Do you each get an appetizer and split an entree? Two entrees and a split an app? God help you if there’s a dietary restriction involved.
Thai X-ing was seemingly created to solve this exact problem. They feature a reasonably priced ($30 per person on weeknights, $40 on the weekend) 5-7 course tasting menu that’s exotic but not too far off the beaten path if your partner’s knowledge of Thai food doesn’t expand past putting the word ‘pad’ out in front. And you won’t find a better deal in this town that’s seemingly allergic to BYOB spots than Thai X-ing’s $5 corkage fee.
The menu changes frequently but keeps a couple of popular mainstays every night. And with specials like pescetarian night (with a vegetarian option, for all you Nemo lovers out there), or the option to call ahead and let them know of any dietary restrictions, it has a solution for every date night pitfall.
There’s not a more sure-fire way to score points with someone you’re trying to impress than sitting down in the intimate, dimly-lit, just-cramped-enough dining room and having dishes whirled out to the table without saying a word like you’re Ray Liotta in ‘Goodfellas’ walking in through the kitchen.
You’ll definitely need a reservation, but you won’t have to grease any palms to get in. Plan a couple days in advance and you’ll be fine. While the original location has a homey feel (quite literally, it’s in a converted row house), it also has a no alcohol policy. Book your meal at the newer 9th Street spot, which has been cranking out the same top-notch Thai for a couple years now. That way you can bring a couple bottles of wine and call it an early night afterward, or make it the starter to your evening by catching a show at the legendary 9:30 Club across the street.
As an added bonus, you won’t look stupid trying to pronounce an exotically-named dish since there’s no menu. Thai X-ing: saving you from your most pretentious self.


(202) 332-4322