The Four Horsemen

American / Wine Bar

Brooklyn / Williamsburg


Get directions | 295 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211


Hours | Sunday 11am-, Monday 5:30pm-, Tuesday 5:30pm-, Wednesday 5:30pm-, Thursday 5:30pm-, Friday 5:30pm-, Saturday 11am-


When you’re young, your time gets sorted into categories. School time, homework time, karate time, Nintendo time. RIP Nintendo time, we’ll tell our kids about you when they’re playing with their iPhone XXVIs.
But when you enter the real world, all those clear categories go away. You’re left with working, sleeping, and something in between those things to keep you from losing your mind. Which means it might be time to look for a new extracurricular. Something that you’ll actually want to stick with, unlike the oboe.
Have dinner at The Four Horsemen, and there’s a good chance you’ll decide that wine should become that extracurricular. Not just drinking it (although mostly drinking it) – but becoming the sort of person that knows a little bit about it.
If wine school doesn’t sound all that exciting to you, know that at The Four Horsemen, your class is dinner and drinking, and your classroom is a tiny little spot filled with people who look like they’re in bands you don’t know but should. Coincidentally (or not), this place is partially owned by James Murphy – the LCD Soundsystem James Murphy. While there are probably tourists who come in here looking for him (or because they saw it on Master Of None), the crowd mostly feels like people who are here often. The space is half bar and half dining room, low-lit, always packed, and covered in the kind of light wood that makes you think for a second about that trip to Scandinavia you still want to take.