The Hart and The Hunter

American / Southern



Get directions | 7950 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046


Hours | Sunday 8am-5pm, Monday 7am-3pm, Tuesday 7am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Wednesday 7am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Thursday 7am-3pm | 5:30pm-10pm, Friday 7am-3pm | 5:30pm-11pm, Saturday 8am-3pm | 5:30pm-11pm


When ‘Pali’ falls before a word in this town, it means a few things. First off, turn around and go home because you’re probably not wearing enough black. Secondly, consider just staying at home. The end-high hospitality group’s properties have long thrived off exclusivity, awkward pseudo-nightclub dance floors, and the deep wallets of drunk CAA agents. So needless to say the offer of casual Sunday brunch at one of their establishments sounds unnecessarily stressful, right?
Well, hold on.
First of all, The Hart and The Hunter is located inside the PaliHotel, a few minutes drive but a world away from the colossal PaliHouse in Weho. The Hart and The Hunter acts as the all-day restaurant for the boutique hotel and aside from a few peak hours on the weekend, it remains largely serene and inoffensive. The interior has a relaxed, cafe-like feel and the side patio is a comfortable spot that looks out over the neighborhood. But more importantly, let’s discuss the prospect of their hangover-curing brunch.
The Hart and The Hunter serves very good loosen-your-belt-buckle Southern comfort food. Your vodka-scorched stomach is rebelling? The only remedy is the best biscuits in LA. Sure, housing an order of them is like taking a point-blank butter cannon straight to the aorta, but it’s Sunday: time for calories.
The Hart and The Hunter has a separate menu for each meal of the day and while there are some gems to be found on each, this restaurant thrives best in the late morning. So round up the crew and your favorite pair of sweats and go wash away your Saturday night sins with some old-fashioned American cholesterol. ClassPass starts on Monday.