The Loyal


West Village


Get directions | 289 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014


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Pour a cup of coffee on the floor, and ask some coworkers what they see. Your boring coworker might say, ‘A cloud.’ And the sarcastic one that no one likes might say, ‘Coffee.’ Then, depending on how weird everyone else is, you might get things like ‘a bird,’ ‘a different bird,’ or ‘Caesar and Cleopatra on the royal barge.’ Well, congratulations. You just made a Rorschach test. And if you want to try another, check out The Loyal.
The Loyal is in the West Village, it’s whatever you want it to be. It’s perfect for a fun night out, and it works just fine for a dinner with some parents. It’s also nice enough for an anniversary dinner, but it isn’t so prohibitively expensive that you couldn’t come here with a friend on a Thursday night. And feel free to bring whomever.
No matter who you take, they’ll find something to eat. The menu here is dense, with some 1950s-cruise-ship items like a lobster cocktail and other things that feel interesting and new like ‘drunken’ eggs and mushroom carbonara. And, while there’s definitely a lot of meat here, vegetarians will have some options that won’t feel sad. This place is from the same people behind Nix, after all.