The Riggsby

in Dupont


Get directions | 1731 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20009


Hours | Sunday 8am-10:30pm, Monday 7am-10:30pm, Tuesday 7am-10:30pm, Wednesday 7am-10:30pm, Thursday 7am-10:30pm, Friday 7am-10:30pm, Saturday 8am-10:30pm


Let’s set the scene: you’re going to dinner with the in-laws, or parents, or grandparents, or all of the above (you poor, poor soul). The mix of people will be older, and the night is as likely to end up in a shouting match and a fork in someone’s leg as it is to end with hugs. You want somewhere classy, full of witnes – sorry, full of people, and with an edge of cool to make everyone at the table feel young. Oh, and with plenty of dark brown liquids.
The Riggsby is your spot. Attached to the Carlyle Hotel in DuPont, it does everything ‘classic’ extremely well. Everything about it is a throwback to a time when Sinatra was still running with the Rat Pack. Hell, they even call ‘dinner’ ‘supper.’ Yeah, like we said, real old-timey. Something that the older people in your party will appreciate.
There isn’t anything on the menu that you haven’t heard of before, but that’s OK, this isn’t the place you go for that. This is the place you go when you need everything executed perfectly, where you’re one misstep away from a lengthy healthcare conversation held at an uncomfortable volume.


(202) 787-1500