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Echo Park


Get directions | 1814 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026


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Triniti in Echo Park looks like a lot of Eastside coffee shops. There are artfully arranged plants, black walls, not entirely comfortable places to sit, and impractically low tables. There’s a coffee machine that looks like a spaceship, nitro cold brew, almond milk draft lattes, and more than one type of matcha. You’ll find a guy with a beard reading Kafka while drinking his single origin cortado in one corner, and a couple with prominent stick-and-poke tattoos having iced coffees in another.
But Triniti isn’t just another Eastside coffee shop. Triniti is a coffee shop with truly excellent food. Modern, exciting, and often comforting food that you’d happily eat in a restaurant with white tablecloths for double the price.
The small menu changes every week, and is full of much more creative lunch dishes than the not-great grain salad you tried to make last weekend. There are usually a couple of excellent salads (like the little gem with an XO dressing that should be bottled and preserved for future generations), heartier things like chickpea stew, and a very unexpected but impressive piece of fish. If you come for breakfast, you’ll find simple dishes like soft scrambled eggs with creme fraiche and oatmeal with cocoa nibs.


(213) 822-2103